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Create an Ad-hoc Conference Call from your Desk Phone

Conference calls allow you to easily setup a call between multiple users – up to 32 callers (license permitting). Although many conference call services exist, it’s often easier and cheaper to host your own audio conferences. You can set-up Ad-hoc conference calls, without the need to reserve a conference room. This has been done to simplify the set-up of conference calls.

If you wish to setup a call conference directly from your phone, you will need to inform the other participants of conference ID and the number they would need to dial. For example, internal callers will need to dial 700 but external participants will need to dial a specific DID or else dial 700 at the digital receptionist (IVR) menu. After that they need to enter the conference ID that you specified for the conference call. The following steps illustrate how to set up a call directly from your desk phone:

  1. Dial the conference extension number, by default this is 700.
  2. You will be requested to enter a conference ID. This can be any number, for example ‘100’ and will be unique identifier for that specific conference session. If the administrator has configured the phone system to require a security PIN to create a call conference, you must enter it after the conference ID, separated by a *, for example: 100*0000 (where 100 is the conference ID and 0000 the system wide conference PIN). The PIN is only required by the person setting the conference.
  3. If you are the first participant, the conference interface will ask you to confirm creation of the conference. Press * to confirm or # to cancel.
  4. You will be asked to speak your name after the beep and press a button to continue.
  5. All callers who wish to join the conference must first dial 700 to enter the conference menu and then further specify the same conference ID to join a conference or enter a new ID to create a new conference.
  6. You will now enter the conference. If you are the first caller, you will hear music on hold, while you wait for the other callers. As soon as another caller joins, his name will be announced.

Note: Prior to creating the conference, you should notify all of the participants you require to be present in the conference. This notification should include the conference extension number, conference ID, conference PIN, DID and calendar information in the form of an email or any media you deem necessary.

If you want to create a Video Conference download 3CX Phone System and check out 3CX WebMeeting.