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How to make calls from Outlook

In order to launch a call directly from Outlook, you need to have 3CX MyPhone and 3CX MyPhone Desktop Components installed on your computer. Integration with any other CRM package would require the installation of the CRM Integration Module.

If you use Microsoft Outlook or any TAPI compliant applications and store all your phone numbers in Outlook contacts, you can easily launch calls directly from Outlook. To do this:

Outook - Make calls

  1. Right click on the contact in Microsoft Outlook, and select ‘Call’. Three options will appear:
    • ‘Redial ‘-The Microsoft Outlook Redial dialog will appear with the number last dialed.
    • ‘Speed Dial’- The Microsoft Outlook Speed Dial dialog will appear with the contacts associated speed dial number automatically filled in.
    • ‘New Call’- The Microsoft Outlook New Call dialog will appear.
      Outlook - Make calls
  2. The first time you do this after installing the Desktop Components, you need to click on ‘Dialing Options’. In the section ‘Connect using line’, select the entry ‘3CX TAPI Service Provider’. Click OK to exit the dialog. Once completed, this action won’t need to be repeated.
    Outlook - Make calls
  3. Click the ‘Start Call’ button to initiate the call. The call will be set-up directly to your phone.