Install and configure 3CXPhone for Windows
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Install and configure 3CXPhone for Windows

3CXPhone for Windows is a soft phone, which allows you make, receive and transfer normal and video calls directly from your computer. In addition, using 3CXPhone for Windows, you can also check check your voice mail and check your call history and missed calls.

In this section, we will look at how to install and configure 3CX Phone for Windows.

Installing 3CXPhone for Windows

3CXPhone - Installation

  1. Download the latest version of 3CX phone.
  2. Click “Run” to execute setup.
  3. Click Finish to complete the installation

Auto-configure 3CXPhone for Windows

If 3CXPhone for Windows is on the same network as 3CX Phone System, you can have your 3CXPhone for Windows automatically configure itself using the Auto Provision feature. All the settings for your extension will be automatically sent from 3CX Phone system to your 3CXPhone

3CXPhone - Provisioning

  1. Open 3CXPhone for Windows by double clicking the 3CXPhone icon located on your desktop or navigating to Start>Programs>3CX Phone.
  2. If this is the first time you are starting 3CXPhone a message asking you whether you want to “Auto Provision” or “Create Profile” will appear. Select the “Auto Provision” button.
    3CXPhone - Provisioning
  3. An Auto Provision request will be sent to 3CX Phone System, which the Administrator must approve. The above message will appear until the administrator approves the request.
    3CXPhone - Provisioning admin configuration
  4. The administrator will need to follow these steps to approve your auto provision request:
    • From the 3CX Management Console, navigate to the “Phones” node and locate “3CXPhone for Windows”
    • Once located, right-click the “3CX Phone for Windows” entry and select from one of the two options you are presented with:
      • “Add Extension”- This option creates a new extension which the phone will be assigned to.
      • “Assign to existing extension”- This will assign the 3CX Phone profile to and existing extension
    • Select one of these options and then select “OK”.
  5. Once the auto provisioning configuration has been applied to the phone, the phone will be ready for use with 3CX Phone System.