Learn how to Use the 3CXPhone for Windows V12.5
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Make, receive and transfer calls from your computer using 3CXPhone

Making calls using 3CXPhone for Windows

Using 3CXPhone for Windows, you can make calls, in or out of the office. To place a call, open 3CXPhone for Windows by double clicking the 3CXPhone icon located on your desktop or navigating to Start>Programs>3CX Phone. Once your extension registers with 3CX Phone System, the text “On Hook” will be displayed just above the “Line 1” soft key. This means 3CXPhone has successfully connected with the phone system (whether you are in or out of the office) and is ready to place and receive calls.

3CXPhone - Make calls

To make a call, dial the number you want to connect to using the 3CXPhone dial pad or number pad found on your keyboard. Click the Dial button (the green button which displays a phone handset). Click the hang up button (red button) to end the call.

Receiving calls from your 3CXPhone for Windows

3CXPhone - Receive calls

Upon receiving a new call, 3CXPhone for Windows will ring. If the application is running in the background, bring it to front. At this point you are presented with the caller details. Tap the green button which displays a handset to answer the call. Tap the hang up button (red button) to end the call.

Transferring a call using 3CXPhone for Windows

Whilst on an active call, perform the following steps in order to transfer a call.

3CXPhone - Transfer calls

  1. Hit the transfer soft key, located at the bottom right of phone.(the caller will be put on hold)
  2. Enter the number you want to transfer the call to.
  3. Hit the Dial button (the green button) to transfer the call.
  4. Once the receiving end of the transfer answers the call, the transfer will be completed.