Hosting Admin

Setting up the PBX hosting admin role in 3CX

Text to Speech with the 3CX Call Flow Designer

Creating a predictive dialer with the 3CX CFD

Hot Desking

QR Provisioning, Hotdesking and more in Update 2 of v15.5 of 3CX Phone System

Installing 3CX in the Cloud

Take the PBX express!

Multiple Outbound Call Routes

Multiple Outbound Call routes in 3CX

Creating an outbound dialer with the 3CX CFD

Create an outbound dialer application with 3CX Call Flow Designer

Routing Calls Based on the Time of the Day

Setting up call routing based on the time of day

Call Flow Designer – Examples

How to create your own projects with Call Flow Designer!

CFD Example: Creating a phone support portal – Part 4 Validation using an SQL database

Create a Phone Support Portal with the 3CX CFD - Part 4