5. SBC Configuration

5. SBC Configuration In this module, we will cover how a Remote IP Phone can be configured using the 3CX SBC. This includes the advantages of using the SBC as well as the setup procedure in a few simple steps. In more detail: Prerequisites & Hardware Specifications Supported SBC Devices SBC Benefits SBC Installation [...]

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5. Advanced Installation Options

5. Advanced Installation Options This module covers more advanced installations, for example, installations with more than one Network Interface as well as installations using 3rd party FQDNs and SSL certificates. In more detail: Custom Installations Using Own FQDNs Third party trusted Certificates Advanced Network Setups Multi NIC Custom PUSH for Android devices [...]

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9. Time Based Scheduling

9. Time Based Scheduling This module covers the global PBX office hours, specifically for the Inbound Rules and Extension profiles, as well as the configuration of holidays. These times can also be used to automate the routing of calls in the PBX based on the preconfigured times. In more detail: Concept of Office Hours [...]

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8. Extension Groups & Rights

8. Extension Groups & Rights This module covers the creation of departments as Extension Groups and the rights these groups or individuals can have. In more detail: What are Extension Groups? Group Right Presets Group Rights explained Overriding Group Right Presets Delegate Management Console Access Follow the course Read [...]

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Moving on to the 3CX Intermediate Certification

Moving on to the 3CX Intermediate Certification Congratulations on passing the 3CX Basic Certification test! To continue enhancing your 3CX knowledge you can now move on to the 3CX Intermediate Certification. This certification covers more advanced and complex configuration options within 3CX, such as; extension groups and rights, configuring remote extensions via STUN or [...]

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7. Digital Receptionist

7. Digital Receptionist This module explains in detail what a Digital Receptionist is, the benefits of having one and how to configure them in 3CX. In more detail: What are Digital Receptionists Creating a Digital Receptionist Menu Options Direct Dial No or Invalid User Input HOL Digital Receptionist Follow the [...]

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