Monitoring Calls and Extensions
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Monitoring Calls and Extensions

The default tab shows the active calls in the system (it will show all the calls you have rights to see) as well as a list of all the extensions in the system, grouped by extension group.

3CX MyPhone Extensions Tab

Active Calls

3CX MyPhone will show all active calls, color coded.

  • Internal calls – Shown in purple.
  • External calls – Shown in dark blue.
  • Queue calls – Shown in light blue.
  • Parked calls – Shown in dark red.

You can right–click on any active call (providing you have the rights) and perform one of the following actions:

  • Pickup – Diverts the call to your extension.
  • Hang up – Disconnects call.
  • Transfer – Transfers the call to another extension. You will be prompted for an extension number.
  • Park – Parks the call so that another user can pick up the parked call.
  • Divert to My Voice Mail – Transfers the call to your voice mail.
  • Record Call – Records the conversation and stores it a wav file on the server.
  • Barge in – Joins you to the call so that you can speak and listen in.

If you have an active call yourself, you can perform the following actions:

  • Hang Up the call
  • Transfer the call to another user
  • Park the call
  • Record the call


The extensions section of 3CX Assistant lists all extensions and shows their status. Right-click on an extension and you can:

  • Call the user
  • Chat with that user
  • Call the mobile number of that user
  • Leave a voice mail message
  • Make an intercom call
  • Create a conference call with the user

3CX MyPhone Call Options

You can also call an extension by double clicking on the extension.

Extension Status/Presence

The following extension states are possible:

  • Green – User is available for calls.
  • Grey – Not registered – User does not have a phone registered to take calls.
  • Red – Away – User’s status is set to Away. Calls will be diverted based on his/her preferences.
  • Dark Orange – User’s status is set to Out Of Office. Calls will be diverted based on his/her preferences.
  • Yellow – User’s phone is ringing or dialing.
  • Purple – User is on an internal call.
  • Blue – User is on an external call.
  • Light Blue – This is a queue call.