Status Settings using 3CX MyPhone
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Setting Your Status (Presence)


The presence/status feature of 3CX Phone System allows you to show users your current status and to have your calls handled accordingly. For example if you are in a meeting, you can set your status to ‘Away’ so that calls will be automatically diverted to another extension or to your voice mail. You can configure what should happen when you set a particular status from the MyPhone ‘Forwarding Rules’ page.

Available Statuses

The following statuses are available in 3CX Phone System:

  • Available – you are at your desk.Status List in 3CX MyPhone
  • Away – generally used when you are away from your desk – i.e. in a meeting or having lunch.
  • Out of Office – used when you are physically out of the office.
  • Custom #1 – a custom away status that you can configure.
  • Custom #2 – a custom out of office status that you can configure, for example if you are on holiday.

Setting Your Status (Presence)

You have 3 methods to change your status:

From Your Web Browser Using 3CX MyPhone

Select the appropriate status using the drop down in the left hand corner next to your name. Your status will be instantly updated and the settings related to this status will kick-in immediately.

By phone

If you do not have internet access, you can call in to your voice mail and change your status. To do this:

  1. Dial the voice mail extension (by default this is 999).
  2. Select 9 to go to the options menu.
  3. Select 1 to change your status.


You can have your status set to Away or Out Of Office automatically based on your office hours. To do this:

Extension Details in 3CX MyPhone

  1. Go to the tab Settings > Extension Details > Actions.
  2. Tick the option “Automatically Switch my status to “Out of Office” outside of office hours”.
  3. If you are a member of any queues, you can also have 3CX Phone System log you out of any queues. To do this, tick the option “Automatically Log me out of the queues outside of office hours”.
  4. If you go on lunch break every day, you can automatically switch your status to Away during that time. Tick the option “Automatically Switch my status to ‘Away’ during these times’, and configure your lunch break times by clicking on the button ‘Set time’.
  5. If your office hours differ from the general office hours, you can configure specific office hours in the Extension Details tab, Office hours section.