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3CX Phone System 9 – Release Candidate 2 – Build 13545

We are happy to announce the availability of RC2 of 3CX Phone System v9, build 13545. This build is likely to go “gold” next week.

The 3CX Assistant is now included in the main download, and the link to it is automatically sent to users by email.

We look forward to your feedback!


Note: 3CX Phone System 9 has been replaced with the latest version of 3CX Phone System, which can be found here –


New Features

  • Anti Hacking options to throttle hacking attempts.
  • 3CXPhone for Android Auto provisioning
  • Spanish language translation
  • Blacklist entries in call history
  • DOS flood protection
  • Yealink template for updates to memory keys to be able to make multiple calls on the same line + pickup code variableAdded: Delete the voice mails of a deleted extension
  • Anti hacking Whitelist and blacklist
  • Crash reporter in management console to be able to catch exceptions in the management.
  • Checks in backup and restore to ensure validity of backup file
  • Tunnel support and phone integration to CSV import function
  • Authentication in Queues, Ringgroups and all system extensions
  • Language prompt updates : English, UK English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese NEW
  • New special reports
  • Show individual calls for queue
  • Show individual answered calls under X minutes for a queue
  • Show individual answered calls over X minutes for a queue
  • Show total no of calls for queue that were answered under X minutes
  • Show total no of calls for queue that were answered over X minutes


  • Caller ID in queue calls in call reporter
  • Roll back on failed transfer if transferer has dropped a call. Now terminates the call.
  • Queue without music on hold file, caused the queues not to register
  • 169 IP will show in the management console
  • SMTP mail server port when port is non default
  • Early media handling
  • Music on hold restoring from version 8 backups to version 9
  • Bug when deleting a large amount of call logs (over 150000 pages)


  • transfer (blind and attended) from calls through Bridge/3CX Tunnel connections
  • protection in case of direct SIP calls
  • overall queue manager stability
  • Recording feature

3CX Assistant (13537)

  • Added: Better integration in Assistant – Option Make call using intercom or without
  • Added: Conference call in 3CX Assistant – Management users can see conference calls and add members to the conference
  • Added: Full name to conference participants dialog box
  • Fixed: Updating in queue agents Logged in/out in 3CXAssistant
  • Fixed: Drag and drop in transfers + intercom
  • Fixed: Keep external leg of call after transfer
  • Fixed: Bug when transfer to voice mail
  • Fixed: Transferring a queue call now connects the correct parties
  • Fixed: Occasional crash when 3CX Assistant exits a tunnel connection
  • Fixed: Numerous issues in external line transfers through the assistant
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