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3CX Phone System Version 9 beta 1 is here!

3cxphone with video

A new version of 3CX Phone System is available in beta and what a version! 3CX Phone System v9 packs a punch with video support on 3CXphone, SLA functionality and the ability to provision 3CX Assistant and 3CXphone network-wide. 3CX Phone System users can now monitor remote PBX’s with 3CX Assistant and transfer calls between them. The call forwarding interface has been overhauled, and we introduced the concept of statuses to make it more intuitive for users to configure their away or out of office settings.

New Features – All versions

  • Video support using 3CXphone, X-lite and Yealink videophones
  • G722 codec compatibility
  • New inbuilt high performance web server (Abyss) which can scale to any installation size. IIS can still be used if required.
  • Ability to provision 3CXPhone and 3CX Assistant  network wide
  • Additional node to quickly view status of all remote extensions
  • Additional status information on VoIP provider trunks and bridges
  • Ability to specify a mobile number for a user
  • Improved call forwarding rules design
  • Improved performance of the media server
  • System wide black list
  • Ability to specify up to 5 music on hold files
  • Ability to send a 302 diversion header to forward a call to another number.
  • Ability to import only new users from Active Directory since last import

Small Business, Pro and Enterprise editions

  • New SLA like parking functionality to allow for easy parking and un-parking of calls via BLF lights
  • Ability to monitor remote PBX’s from 3CX Assistant
  • Ability to transfer calls from one 3CX PBX to another PBX using the Multi-PBX capability of 3CX Assistant
  • Point and click creation of conference calls from 3CX Assistant
  • Ability to directly leave voice mails for other users from 3CX Assistant
  • Ability to require a PIN to create a conference call
  • Ability to rewrite caller IDs per port
  • Ability to call a users mobile number directly
  • Ability to hide certain extensions from the 3CX Assistant view
  • Click 2 dial now calls phone in intercom mode, making call setup much faster
  • Full CRM integration with Microsoft Dynamics (info to follow next week)
  • Myphone portal has been improved
  • Ability to customize the colors of 3CX Assistant
  • Ability to define a status (Away, Out of Office, Available) with corresponding call forwarding rules
  • Ability to specify more then one fax extension allowing to add fax machines using an ATA or use 3rd party outbound t38 fax software.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Known issues

Phone system server

  • Incorrect dialog info shown on phones in queue calls
  • You can not forward numbers to external numbers when logged into a queue
  • Call reporter – Queue statistics are not reported correctly.
  • Exception in management console when you multiple edit more than 200 extensions.
  • Calls to Grandstream tones via the tunnel do not have Ringing tone
  • If you disconnect a Queue call very quickly (during call setup) it might cause a stuck call
  • Restoring a backup from V8 will not carry across phonebook entries from the MyPhone interface.


  • When switching between local and remote connections, the button takes a while to display the switch
  • Outlook 2010 integration does not work on 64 bit
  • Call context menu in Outlook 2010 32 bit will not show up
  • Incorrect provisioning link placed in the assistant may cause the assistant to show an exception
  • Queue and ring group unanswered calls are shown as missed in Assistant
  • Outbound calling in multiple profiles for external calls

Download 3CX Phone System 12 and start taking advantage of 3CX WebMeeting which can offer you features such as PowerPoint sharing and many more.

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