How to Install and Configure a TFTP Server

Note: This guide is outdated, please refer to this guide for the latest version.

TFTP stands for Trivial File Transfer Protocol simply because of its simplicity.  It is mainly used for automated file transfers between machines on UDP Port 69.  In a VoIP environment TFTP is used to upload firmware files to Gateways and Phones and other hardware.

Step 1: Download a TFTP Server

  1. PumpKIN is an open source TFTP client that is simple to use, follow the link and download the Server and Client of pumpkin.
  2. Download the executable and run the installer.

Step 2: Configuring pumpkin your new TFTP server

PumpKIN Options

  1. Launch PumpKIN.
  2. From the PumpKIN menu follow to “Options” > “Server” > “TFTP file system root”. Point PumpKIN to the provisioning folder of your 3CX Phone System – by default:  C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Http\Interface\provisioning\%%provdir%%. Where %%provdir%% is the randomly generated provisioning folder name. This folder will be used to place files you need to upload via TFTP or download.
  3. Other options can be set as needed. For example: “Read and Write Request Behavior” if you want a prompt before files are uploaded? or downloaded?  Change network ports, timeout etc.
  4. Now you have a TFTP server installed you can begin updating your phones, gateways, routers as needed.  There are also other free TFTP clients out there.  TFTPD32/64 or Solarwinds just to name a few others.