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What is WebRTC? and how will 3CX use it to revolutionize communication?

What is Google's new WebRTC technology and how will 3CX leverage it?WebRTC is a technology supported by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that allows open standard browsers to communicate with each other and exchange audio, video and even files using a simple Javascript based API. WebRTC effectively gives users the ability to make audio or video calls with each other without requiring a plugin or any additional software to be installed.

The WebRTC standard is gaining significant momentum and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera fully support it. Microsoft, not surprisingly, is trying to push its own “standard”. Apple is still on the fence but likely to join the WebRTC wave soon. Even without WebRTC support in Apple’s browser it’s possible to use the technology on Apple devices.

WebRTC is an API, not an application. It’s application vendors such as 3CX that must leverage the technology for it to be useful for users. For example, there are a lot of basic services that demonstrate how easily you can connect two browsers and make a call. Whatsapp is rumored to use WebRTC to deliver audio calling between its users.

Clearly, WebRTC will do for communications what HTML did for information – start a revolution that will make communications richer (video) and accessible to all (free).

Naturally, 3CX has been following the WebRTC technology right from the start and has been investing heavily in WebRTC development. For example, WebRTC could allow 3CX to deliver and accept calls to anyone connected to the internet, without requiring any software to be installed and even anonymously. Customers could call you free of charge at a click of a button, and they could be connected to the right person immediately. The customer service and productivity gains achievable are immense.

But that’s not all. Web & Video conferencing could get the push it has been hoping for. Breaking free from proprietary standards, expensive vendor tied hardware and fat client software requirements, it could finally set out to do what it was always meant to do: Start a communications revolution. And that is exactly in line with 3CX vision. Expect more from us on WebRTC in the near future!!

Check out the beta release of 3CX WebMeeting with WebRTC

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