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WebRTC: It’s Not Just ‘Up and Coming’ Anymore

WebRTC could easily be described as one of the most disruptive technologies in recent years, most notably due to the rapid advancements it’s offered in the world of communications—specifically for Web conferencing. This open source-based technology that was formerly clouded with hype is emerging from its nascent stage. It’s time for businesses to realize the scope to which this real-time communications technology tool is being leveraged for best-in-breed collaboration solutions.

WebRTC’s growth is now being forecast with as much velocity as telecommunications solutions such as VoIP or UC. In fact, a report published by Disruptive Analysis, titled “WebRTC Industry Status & Forecasts Report, 2014 Edition,” states that the number of WebRTC users and devices is expected to exceed 1.6 billion and 4.2 billion, respectively, by year-end 2016. These predictions reflect the multitude of communication opportunities WebRTC will provide in the near future in addition to the benefits it’s currently providing, such as click-to-call Web conferencing sessions that eliminate the need to download external software or plug-ins.

Before you know it, your organization will be implementing WebRTC in some way or another—most likely to improve your corporate Web conferencing sessions or to provide more comprehensive customer service interactions. How exactly does WebRTC accomplish these impressive modifications to business communications? Here are a few ways the technology improves real-time video and audio interactions:

  • It’s launched from your browser: This means you and your party of conference guests simply need to be connected to the Internet and using a browser that supports WebRTC (which is most popular Internet browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox).
  • Quality picture and voice: WebRTC is exciting to technologists, and your IT department, thanks to its delivery of high-quality content. The technology is already making waves in business Web conferencing due to the improved image and audio quality it provides its users.

There’s no time like the present to start enhancing your business’s real-time communications by leveraging WebRTC for Web conferencing. Learn more about the benefits here.

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