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Noteworthy WebRTC Use Cases Beyond the Business World

For those of us in the B2B world, the term WebRTC immediately brings to mind improvements generated for the modern business meeting. And while that’s all well and good, it shortchanges the technology’s capabilities across a wider range of industries. That is, the open source technology is now being used to kick-start innovative Web conferencing solutions beyond corporate environments.

Take a look at the examples below to see how WebRTC-based Webconferencing is being leveraged by diverse industries:

Emergency Services in the U.K.

An important issue was brought to light recently by emergency response centers in the U.K.: Why aren’t our emergency services as advanced in locating callers as, say, Google and Siri? To address this concern, the dispatchers turned to WebRTC technology to enable emergency responders to better locate individuals in need of immediate assistance and send a rescue team directly to them. WebRTC also allows emergency workers to send life-saving information via browser-to-browser communication to other healthcare professionals or police not yet on the scene.

Global Education

Educators who use online platforms such as Blackboard are also jumping on board the WebRTC express. Simple videoconferencing technology is of high priority to educators today, as it provides an innovative approach to teaching that doesn’t require extensive tech training. Online learning is now more engaging for students and educators alike due to the ease of WebRTC-enabled face-to-face communication. The technology allows for a more intimate learning environment for courses hosted over the Internet. Blackboard’s adoption of WebRTC also allows for beneficial features such as screen and file sharing, creating a seamless connection between learners and educators.

If these use cases have fired up your imagination regarding WebRTC benefits, perhaps you’d like to learn more about its business applications for your organization.

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