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Case Studies

3CX Software PBX has helped many businesses achieve significant benefits in a cost-effective and innovative way. Below is a selection of 3CX customer testimonials that illustrate the experience and insights of some of our clients and partners, highlighting how 3CX IP PBX has successfully helped them meet their telephony needs.

Essilor Logo

Essilor Benelux Has Sights Set on Communications Success in Upgrade to 3CX
“3CX is a flexible VoIP solution which gives our organization a big advantage on our competition. Our employees now have the ability to carry out location independent work, boosting productivity and increasing the possibilities when it comes to the growth of the company.”
Antoon Makay, Network Telecommunications Manager

Raphael Hotel upgrades phone system with 3CX

3CX Treats Raphael Hospital’s Ailing Telephony System
“We’ve been spending a small fortune on a monthly basis for a phone system that lacked the functionalities necessary to maintain our position as a market leading provider. When looking at 3CX, it was partly cost, partly functionality, but a perfect fit.”
Jack Wise, Business and Communications Lead

NHS Case study for 3CX

3CX Brings NHS Surgeries’ Communications Back from Critical Condition
“The new system implemented by The Technology Group has dispelled all our previous hang ups about hosted telephony and new technologies. With our dedicated internet line we have had a consistent and reliable service and the call quality we have experienced has been great.”
Peter McIntyre, Practice Manager

Efficient Call Handling with 3CX

3CX Unites North Hill Medical Group & Introduces More Efficient Call Handling
“The management system, including call recording and call reporting, has assisted us in staff development and dealing with patient complaints. New functions have been provided to us at no additional cost to our last telephony supplier.”
Mark Galloway, Business Manager

Cost Effective PBX - Case Study of Kinights of Columbus switching to 3CX

3CX Provides High Quality and Cost Effective Communications to Knights of Colombus
“Ease of setup, maintenance and reliability were all requirements since everyone managing the infrastructure volunteers their time to do so. Smartphone support was also critical, since everyone in the organization is virtual and does not reside in a central office.”
Bob Kane, Communications Director and Past Grand Knight

3CX Connects up Avante Care and Support Team
“3CX is a great business phone system it does everything you could possibly want at an extremely competitive price. The support services are great and the user guides available are outstanding. The best thing about 3CX is that it is a software you can install on a standard PC and have a basic phone system working within hours.”
Carl Vivash, IT Manager

3CX Gears Up Kyrgyz Health Ministry Communications
“3CX Phone System was easy to install and deploy, and is simple to manage. Its compatibility with Windows is also an advantage for us. We have been using 3CX for about 2 years now and we are very satisfied with it.”
Almaz Kydyrbaev, the Ministry’s IT Administrator

Assad - Had Logo

3CX Nurses Nonprofit’s Communications Back To Health
“3CX has granted the non-profit organization ASSAD-HAD an easy and fast deployment. The management is centralized in our Headquarters and this allows us to manage remote locations directly through our MPLS. On a daily basis, 3CX offers us advanced features that some competitors usually sell as extra as well as huge flexibility to evolve our telephony in order to meet ASSAD-HAD’s growth. For our IT department, the maintenance and costs of our PBX have reduced dramatically.”
Cousteix Lionel, CTO, ASSAD-HAD

3CX Helps Ophthalmology Center See the Light with a Software Based Phone System
“3CX VoIP phone system not only gives Tri-Z and our employees limitless communication but offers connection flexibility as well.”
Ruslan Allalo, the IT Director of Tri-Z, LLC

Optodev has a Clear Vision with 3CX Phone System
“We are extremely pleased with 3CX Phone System, which since its installation has performed very well. The phone system is extremely user friendly and we are now able to manage our whole phone system internally without any difficulties, enabling our staff to easily keep in touch.”
 Alexander Galanido, IT Supervisor

Main Military Clinical Hospital in Moscow Discharges Old PBX, Enlists 3CX Phone System
“We didn’t doubt 3CX Phone System would afford our facility innumerable benefits. After examining all of the options available on the market, our department unanimously decided 3CX Phone System is the most reliable platform available, and that it can handle the daily influx of calls we receive at the hospital. It was fast and easy to install, seamless, and we’ve had no service interruptions! Going forward, our department plans to equip numerous other departments with IP phones. We can depend on the quality and stability of 3CX Phone System..”
Sobakin Sergey Leonidovish, Head of IT

Swedish Animal Hospital Connects All Their Clinics with 3CX Phone System
“When analyzing the cost and benefits of moving from a legacy-solution to a modern software-based PBX it became clear to us that this was a no-brainer. Using 3CX Phone System is far more cost effective than our old solution. Our clients expect us to be available at all times. Along with our integration partner, Saldab, we’ve implemented a PBX-solution that ensures we can meet our customers’ demands.”
Göran Ask, CEO

Neon Healthcare Organisation Glows with 3CX!
“The installation of the 3CX communication system has transformed me to hero. Thanks 3CX!”
Al Barker, CIO

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