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3CX Phone System Provides the Gas for Leading Turbine Engineering Specialist

Proprietary Obsolete IP System Replaced with State of the Art Open Standard 3CX Phone System

Agilis, provider of advanced software and data acquisition equipment for the gas turbine industry, switched to the 3CX Phone System from its outdated Toshiba CTX-IP system, which had grown too cumbersome and expensive to support and was making the vital communications function within the company increasingly difficult. Its ISO 9001:2000 certification in Quality Management Systems and solid industry reputation meant that it needed to update its PBX infrastructure to the same leading edge level as its own software.

The Current Solution was Problematic and Outdated

The former Toshiba CTX-IP, whilst IP based, was proprietary, non-industry compliant and technically obsolete. The system had no Unified Communications features and could not deliver remote extensions. Besides the system was expensive to expand and administer.

Having been bitten once with an outdated PBX platform, Agilis wanted to ensure that its choice of PBX had a long term vision for the future and was truly open standard.

The Communications Challenge

Agilis needed a system that was cost effective and simple to operate as well as being able to increase productivity levels throughout the entire company by leveraging unified communications. Key support staff would always need to be accessible, with the new phone system being able to deliver teleworking capability because Agilis have remote workers and wanted add more.

In addition to the professionalism of the product, Agilis required a robust phone system that could run on the Windows platform, for management knew how complicated and time consuming a LINUX system would be when it came to operate even the simplest of tasks!

Furthermore, the new phone system would have to make use of the existing 160 Yealink T26 and T28 IP phones, as the costs would spiral if these handsets were to be made redundant.

The new 3CX Phone System implementation would also have to make use of the two T1s via a VoIP Patton SmartNode 4960 gateway.

The Agilis Shortlist for the Phone System:

  • Run on Microsoft Windows
  • Cost effective
  • Customisable
  • Ability to connect remote Agilis team members
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Easy to manage
  • Secure
  • Outstanding support

The Solution

Cue 3CX Phone System.

Only the 3CX Phone System could deliver a mission critical open standard system that could offer the innovative unified communications features required for monitoring gas turbines and deliver mobility across four offices in different countries and scalability to easily support the 150 Agilis employees – a number that is rapidly increasing – with advanced capabilities.

“Agilis is completely Windows based. Having a Windows based telephone system is a big advantage to us as our past experience with LINUX based Asterisk®* systems was just too difficult”. – Brian Dunn, Agilis.

3CX Phone System version 9 was installed within a few days and it became apparent to Agilis that this solution was the one they were looking for.

Brian continued, “We were in the market for a phone system that ran on Windows and that could be hosted on our existing equipment and integrated with our current IT infrastructure. The 3CX Phone System had and continues to have great reviews.”

The 3CX management console allows the impossible to become possible. With just a few clicks, the administration of all inbound and outbound communications is made possible. The 3CX Phone System interface has proven to be a success, especially when given the fact that it employs the Windows look-and-feel.

With 3CX, Agilis had found the phone system that was right for them and together with Jomar Technologies, a 3CX Premium Partner, the entire PBX implementation was carried out smoothly.

The innovative 3CX MyPhone made it easier for Agilis to never miss an important customer call because calls could easily be monitored throughout the company and routed to the right department or individual.

3CX Phone System Implemented by Agilis

Counting the Savings

Agilis made considerable preliminary savings on the actual purchase price of the 3CX Phone System as well as considerable savings on the day to day running of the system. In addition, by leveraging their inter-office links and using a VoIP network in tandem with traditional landlines, Agilis is still counting the savings.

Implementation is also another key factor. With the 3CX Phone System being trouble-free, customisation is straightforward and effortless, meaning that tasks that were once difficult to perform and in most cases required the assistance of third parties, could be managed completely in-house by the Agilis team. The yearly maintenance contract for the proprietary Toshiba IP PBX previously installed was also not needed, which meant the costs towards the Agilis telephone admin expenses were greatly reduced.

3CX now connects the Agilis offices in Camden, South Carolina, San Jose and the offices in Costa Rica together seamlessly, meaning that each office is only a telephone extension away from the next, saving Agilis money on national and international calls.

Increasing Productivity

One of the key decisions in deploying the 3CX Phone System was the simple to use web-based interface that makes it easier for the Agilis employees to take full advantage of unified communications and use the phone more effectively when dealing with suppliers, partners and customers.

Features such as recording calls for monitoring and training purposes and transferring calls are all done in a matter of mouse-clicks. All voicemail and faxes are sent directly to their email, therefore there’s no need to routinely check the fax machine which means the staff have more time to be productive.

Increasing Mobility

Another large advantage for Agilis was that 3CX gave its remote workers, agents and staff increased mobility. Agilis employs remote workers and needed an infrastructure in place to support their growing needs and wanted to provide a significantly better service to its remote workers that are based in a home office environment.

3CX allows the Agilis remote workers to work from their home, or out in the field thanks to the easy remote extension facility. This functionality is vitally important to Agilis, whose remote workers operate across the US. The investment in 3CX allows Agilis to provide an infrastructure to their remote workers, wherever they are doing business that is both easy to manage and efficient.

The Agilis remote workers make use of 3CX Softphone for Windows, which has effectively replaced the traditional IP handset, meaning that all communication actions are completed in a few mouse-clicks.

Boosting Sales

One of the features Agilis needed, was the ability to never miss that all important call. 3CX came fully loaded with advanced forwarding rules, meaning that all calls could be diverted easily. As the digital receptionist routed calls automatically, Agilis noticed their employees were saving valuable time, whilst also keeping its customers happier, because now they always reach the right person or department efficiently.

Quality Channel – 3CX Premium Partner Jomar Technologies

Agilis was satisfied with the high standards set by the 3CX Premium Partner, Jomar Technologies, who are a leading voice communications company specializing in maximizing business efficiency and cost savings through the use of integrated technology solutions such as the 3CX Phone System. Jomar was able to provide optimum value to Agilis by delivering highly engineered, cost-effective, top quality 24×7 mission critical support services.

In Conclusion

Costs have been cut, time has been saved by increasing the productivity levels, new directions have been taken, sales have been boosted and tasks that seemed near impossible are now possible with the 3CX Phone System.

“We have been very pleased with the overall capability of the 3CX telephone system within our business. With a Windows-based system, we have control over the phones and don’t have to pay for support from our old provider.” – Brian Dunn, Agilis

* Asterisk® is a Registered Trademark of Sangoma Technologies. This trademark is not affiliated with 3CX, its products, or its websites. Sangoma Technologies is not the source of, and does not sponsor or endorse, the products/services promoted here. 3CX is not associated with or sponsored by Sangoma Technologies. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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