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3CX Phone System Delivers 80% Reduction in Telephony Costs to Austrian Logistics Company 3LOG

3LOG Installs 3CX Phone SystemAccording to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements. The Council explains the importance of logistics in our everyday lives as such:

Think about what you had for breakfast. Your juice, coffee, cereal, fruit, and milk didn’t just appear. Nor did your toaster, refrigerator, or stove; not even the kitchen sink. Yet, these products are routinely available to you through the machinations of a dedicated group of logistics professionals…Without them, you’d still be milking your own cow.

3LOG premium logistics GmbH, an independent transport and logistics provider based in Vienna, Austria, is one of the companies that make it so we don’t have to milk our own cows every morning. 3LOG provides warehousing, consignment and the delivery of advertising material and promotional products to its customers. Its portfolio includes worldwide air-express, road haulage and logistics services. The company’s mission is to find the perfect transport partner for its customers and to fulfill the entire process, from pick-up through delivery. 3LOG chooses its global partners according to its strict quality criteria, to make sure it maintains its reputation for complete, on-time deliveries.

3LOG Needs a Better Telecommunications Supply Chain


Prior to January 2012 3LOG was using a single-IP phone Asterisk®* PBX that didn’t work as the manufacturer had promised, and it didn’t  support the call center functions the company needed. While 3LOG is a small operation, its reach is global, and it needed a PBX that tracked calls from customers and partners, one that made it possible for management to travel worldwide with their extensions. Like most SMEs, 3LOG wanted to take its enterprise mobile while increasing productivity and reducing its overall telephony costs, which meant investing in a best of breed VoIP PBX. 3LOG also required a phone system that was compatible with Windows, one that would bring all of the benefits of Unified Communications to the company and deliver calls seamlessly from point of origin to point of consumption.

After investigating the Asterisk® VoIP PBX, 3LOG CEO Thomas Kopp decided 3CX Phone System met his strict quality criteria. Mr. Kopp was also impressed with 3CX Partner headON, a Vienna IT company specializing in B2B telephony solutions. headON completed the installation and configuration quickly, without any disruption to 3LOG operations, and 3CX Phone System was immediately stable and has remained so a year on. 3LOG is now using three Yealink IP phones and one ISDN line with a BeroNet Berofix VoIP gateway. Administration of 3CX Phone System is so simple that Mr. Kopp professes to do it himself.

From Point of Origin to Point of Consumption

Mr. Kopp is especially delighted with the suite of premium call center features now available to 3LOG at a fraction of the price charged by traditional call centers. 3CX Phone System has provided the company with a kind of logistics operation for calls. Now that 3CX Phone System has been deployed at 3LOG, the company never misses a call. When calls are received, if they aren’t taken immediately, 3CX Phone System places them in a queue and alerts end-users to priority calls and wait times. If a call can’t be taken and is routed to voicemail, the agent or employee receives email notification of the voicemail. Finally, if a caller hangs up, the call still remains in the queue for prompt call back. In addition to call “warehousing,” staff members at 3LOG can also join calls already in process.

You see the caller’s number and company when a call comes in, which has helped us improve our customer service tremendously,” said Mr. Kopp. “We also appreciate the call reporting function, as it’s very easy to get an overview of our call records.

An 80% Reduction in Annual Telephone Costs – Delivered


Thanks to 3CX Phone System, 3LOG is now a mobile enterprise, and anywhere employees find themselves is now a point of consumption – staff members away from company headquarters can track the rest of the team’s availability and make, answer or transfer calls, all as if they were in the office. “This a main benefit of 3CX Phone System,” Mr. Kopp remarked. “I take a lot of business trips (e.g., China), but it doesn’t matter where I am, with call forwarding I can take my extension with me and work like I’m in Vienna.” Mr. Kopp also has the option of simply using his iPhone or Android phone as his office extension wherever he is in the world via WiFi or 3G.

3CX Phone System is a flexible, scalable system, so 3LOG can add extensions and features over time as needed, to keep pace with its growth, without having to pay expensive fees to an outside vendor. The company has found that 3CX Phone System is the best, most cost-efficient service for receiving calls and for controlling the effective flow, tracking and storage of calls. 3LOG is now saving approximately 80% per year on its overall telephony costs.

No More Spilt Milk

Wherever 3LOG travels, their CEO intends to take 3CX Phone System along for the ride:

“3CX Phone System is a very flexible and reliable phone solution,” Mr. Kopp said, “and the features are more than enough for us. With the online interfaces, we get all system functions everywhere! We have also received extraordinary support from headON.”

Thanks to 3CX Phone System, 3LOG no longer has to milk its own cow.

3CX Partner, Head On

Founded in January 2003 in Vienna, Austria, headON Communications specializes in Unified Communications and innovative telephone systems for business. The company has installed more than 40,000 VoIP terminals in Austria alone. Since 2009, headON has also supplied security solutions to corporations and institutions. For more information, please visit the headON website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

* Asterisk® is a Registered Trademark of Sangoma Technologies. This trademark is not affiliated with 3CX, its products, or its websites. Sangoma Technologies is not the source of, and does not sponsor or endorse, the products/services promoted here. 3CX is not associated with or sponsored by Sangoma Technologies. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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