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3CX Carves up the Competition with Infrastructure, Administration Savings and Hotel Features

Kitzbuhel – “The Legend” – boasts the best ski slopes in the world, snow guarantee and what is probably the finest ski infrastructure in the world. This legendary ski resort is frequented by jetsetters, ski experts and enthusiasts alike. With more than 120 years of ski history, including the famous Hahnenkamm race, this fabulous resort boasts 60 groomed ski runs for all ability levels, with a total slope length of 170 km.

Expert winter sport fans can also choose from 55 km of off-piste marked ski routes which are monitored but not groomed, offering deep powder and mogul runs. The areas’ 55 mountain lifts and gondolas can transport more than 90,000 outdoor enthusiasts per hour to the top of the peaks. The ski area reaches up to 2,000 metres above sea level and includes seven villages and two Austrian states.

The Maierl Hotel

The Brand New Hotel Maierl – Ski-In Ski-Out at its best

Against this magnificent ski backdrop, The Maierl Hotel, originally built in 1932 and one of the first alpine hotels, was completely re-developed. Its location is unique as it is right on the Ochsalm ski piste at a height of 1,225 metres, and offers what is easily one of the best ski-in ski-out locations of the world. If that is not enough, The Maierl Hotel was redeveloped in a unique manner; besides the hotel, there are 5 luxury chalets offering a distinct and exclusive setting. Each chalet has a private spa area in addition to the hotel pool and wellness area which features amazing views.

An exclusive ski resort and unique hotel demanded a legendary phone system – a phone system that itself has set new standards for performance in the telecommunications world – 3CX Phone System for Windows. Hotel Maierl selected 3CX Phone System because it could offer an outstanding feature set coupled with ‘legendary’ low administration and flexibility.

25,000 Euros Savings on Phone Cabling

Hotel Maierl invested in a wireless network throughout the location, spanning the entire hotel through to the chalets and the wellness area, supporting a seamless handover. With the 3CX Phone System, it could leverage this infrastructure and avoid dedicated cabling for the PBX. With a traditional PBX, additional phone and/or network points would have had to be wired and installed, costing the hotel an estimated extra 25,000 Euros. More importantly, the administration of the telecommunications and network infrastructure was significantly reduced. The rooms have fixed IP telephones, but the hotel staff can easily be reached with wireless phones

No Dedicated Server Required

Hotel Maierl had the luxury of an all new IT infrastructure including a powerful new Windows Server. As it had ample processing power and memory, 3CX Phone System for Windows could be installed on this server, saving the hotel on hardware and administration costs.

“The fact that I could install 3CX Phone System on the existing Windows Server was a great advantage. Rather than buying a “black box“, I could leverage my Windows skills to administer the phone system and greatly reduce the administration time of the PBX. Our staff can actually do basic administration of the PBX via the web interface, reducing the need for outside consultants and giving us flexibility” – Stefan Pfender, CEO of Maier-Alm GmbH

Smartphones Used as 3CX Clients

Hotel management connects to the 3CX Phone System from their iPhone smartphones, allowing them to answer both customers’ calls and private calls from one device. 3CX’s strong mobility features permit front office staff and management to always be ready and on hand to provide excellent customer service from wherever they are, be it within the hotel or within the hotels grounds.

Maierl Hotel Chalets

Chalets at the Hotel Maierl

Professional and Exclusive Image with the Auto Attendant

It is important for the Hotel Maierl to present a professional image to customers. With the 3CX Phone System, the hotel was able to easily implement a digital receptionist which allows callers to reach guests directly or make reservations at the restaurant without having to go through a receptionist. Not only does this improve the image, it also saves valuable staff time from forwarding calls to guests or the restaurant.

The Installation in Detail

3CX Phone System installation at the Hotel Maierl consists of 40 extensions of, 10 Cisco wireless IP phones, 30 other IP Phones and a Patton ISDN 4554 gateway. It also includes the 3CX Hotel Module.

Chalets at Hotel Maierl

More of the Luxury Chalets at Hotel Maierl

Hotel Specific Features

Hotel Maierl also uses the 3CX Hotel Module, which provides special hotel features that enable the hotel staff to save valuable time. In fact, in choosing 3CX, the hotel module was a key unique selling point. Other PBXs either did not have the hotel module, or inflated the price significantly because of it. The hotel module added important features to the 3CX Phone System that allowed Hotel Maierl to deliver a better customer service experience.

3CX phone system for windows hotel interface

3CX Wake Up Call Interface

Guest Names Displayed on Phones

Guest names are displayed on the reception, restaurant and management phones, allowing staff to greet the customer by name, as well as avoiding miscommunications when taking room service orders or other special requests.

Wake Up Calls and Do Not Disturb

3CX was also able to allow staff to easily set wake up calls for particular rooms or set the phone to Do Not Disturb. These are standard features in larger hotels but often require the expensive hotel PBX features. In addition they are often difficult to use. Not so with 3CX; all hotel specific features are available via an easy to use web interface.

Check In/Check Out and Call Costing

Hotel Maierl was only reopened in December 2010 and therefore integration with the Hotel PMS system has not yet been finalised. When completed, the hotel PMS system will automatically check guests in and out of the hotel phone system. Extensions will be blocked from calls when the room is not occupied and old voice mails deleted. In addition 3CX will send call details and costings to the hotel PMS system so that phone calls can automatically be billed to the customer.

Room Status

The Maierl Hotel also plans to use the Maid status feature allowing housekeeping to quickly set the status of a hotel room to clean via the phone, without requiring an unnecessary phone call to reception.

Hotel Maierl Sun Terrace

Hotel Maierl Sun Terrace

The Maierl Hotels’ choice of 3CX Phone System was the correct one: Savings were made up front on the purchase price of the PBX as well as significantly on the infrastructure costs of the hotel. At the same time, the hotel features save a great deal of hotel staff time, allowing for an instant increase in staff productivity, whilst improving the customer service levels. Administration is significantly reduced because of its easy to use web based admin interface and ability to run on an existing Windows server. 3CX Phone Systems’ modern architecture easily ‘out skied’ the competition and is proud to serve on one of the leading ski slopes in the world!

You can also read the Press Release about Hotel Maierl implementing the 3CX Phone System here.

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