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3CX Phone System Pro – 4finance’s Call Centre for European Operations

4finance logo4finance is a leading provider of short term loans, operating in twelve countries across Northern Europe. The company has provided more than four million loans to over two million customers. With the expansion of the company into new European markets, 3CX Phone System has provided 4finance with a modern phone system, connecting the company’s multinational operation.

Kaspars Bergs, Infrastructure Department Manager at 4finance said:

“3CX is the best price performance option. The phone system allows you to create almost any configuration you need, starting from a simple interactive voice response and ending with a complex system with customised call flows“

Growing Multinational Seeks Feature-Rich PBX

Before installing 3CX Phone System, 4finance in fact did not have a PBX, instead relying on analog POTS lines. The company decided that it was time to upgrade its communications to keep up with the demands of the growing business and in particular their need for call centre features. 4finance wanted a phone system which would connect its 650 employees across its national offices to each other and their customers. Following a quote from 3CX Partner, Complete Solutions, 4finance decided to go with 3CX Phone System Pro as it offered a wide variety of call centre features at a cost-effective price. In fact, at a price five to ten times lower per month than other similar solutions.

Customized Call Centre with 3CX VAD

3CX Phone System has met 4finance communication needs by providing a high quality IP PBX with a large array of useful and easy-to-use call centre features. 4finance installed 3CX Phone System across each of its local offices. Using features such as call queue monitoring and supervisor features, 4finance was able to successfully manage its customers’ calls and increase staff productivity. 4finance also created a customized voice application using 3CX Voice Application Designer (VAD) to manage its outbound calls. With 3CX VAD businesses can create voice applications that automate time intensive processes with a few mouse clicks. This feature was great for 4finance because it enabled the company to schedule its calls to its customers, thereby ensuring regular contact. What’s more, as 3CX Phone System is a flexible, scalable system, 4finance can easily add extensions and features over time as needed, enabling it to keep pace with the growing the business.

About Complete Solutions ( Solutions Complete Solutions OÜ is an exclusive 3CX Premium Partner responsible for 3CX business development at three Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Acting as local Competence Center, Complete Solutions provides consulting, staff training & technical support services for other 3CX Partners in the region and manage Special Accounts – multinational projects. In its everyday work Complete Solutions follows the principles of professionalism, highest level of responsibility for each project and takes into account the individuality of each 3CX Partner and Customer.

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