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“We don’t understand VOIP, but we understand 3CX”

Dutch advertising agency chucks Linux-based IP PBX for easier to manage 3CX VOIP Phone System

Robin Hodzelmans owns Dutch network consultancy firm AD-ICT ( which focuses on advising SMBs how to manage their IT environment. One of his clients is NO TOMATO, a medium-sized and award-winning advertising agency with an impressive client portfolio, including brands such as Holland Casino and Stimorol. The busy ad agency used to zhave an IP PBX running on a Linux server, but they had major problems understanding the system. That’s when Hodzelmans introduced them to the simpler features of 3CX VOIP Phone System, which they were very happy to adopt.

Robin_H“NO TOMATO’s team relies heavily on phone use to communicate with their clients on their advertising campaigns, which they usually run on tight deadlines, and they were having many problems with voice quality and with understanding how to use their phone system which was running on a Linux server”, says Hodzelmans. “As their IT consultant, I suggested switching to a Windows 2003 server with 3CX Phone System on it and since then not only the voice quality improved a lot, but they can also expand and understand the system much better.”

Unlike NO TOMATO’s previous Linux phone system, 3CX is a Windows-based IP PBX. This makes its installation, configuration and management a breeze compared to Linux-based phone systems “It really can’t get easier than ‘next, next, next, OK.’ The interface is clear and simple; I truly believe that a web-based manager works best. The options are placed intuitively and logically, 3CX is VOIP made simple” adds Robin.

Hodzelmans has found that, as a network consultant, managing 3CX for his client is not only easy but also cost-effective “For me, managing 3CX is piece of cake. I login remote, add/change details and there we go … no need to be in the same building to connect my laptop to this PBX. It saves me petrol driving back and forth. Also, the export / import feature is great! With it you can backup your PBX even if fire is in the building. That’s a new one in ICT land.”

And the cost-savings are not only for Robin’s company. NO TOMATO is seeing benefits from reduced maintenance fees and great scalability and mobility options.
The 3CX Phone System at NO TOMATO is running with 15 phones within the company and five extensions mapped to external numbers. “Through the external extensions people can work from home and still use the business phone lines. This is ideal.” The advertising agency is planning to add two more phones for home workers in the coming months.

Hodzelmans is glad with the fact that most SIP phones he knows are supported by 3CX, and since he is the brand decider for his clients, he can always choose the most compatible phone. At NO TOMATO, Robin is running the system with a SPA 2002 ATA’s phone with Motorola DECT wireless phones attached to them. The agency has two VOIP accounts with a total of ten lines, and Voiceworks is their VOIP gateway.

AD-ICT is growing fast and Hodzelmans is so satisfied with the benefits that NO TOMATO has seen from using 3CX Phone System that he is looking into growing his VOIP services as part of his complete IT consultancy offer. Furthermore, he is also planning to deploy the system in his other business. “I have another company, (biometrical security solutions) which is going to implement 3CX Phone System soon. I expect this company to grow very fast. We will have 30+ extensions and multiple locations running within a year. It should be the ideal environment to implement 3CX Enterprise edition.”

“It is very satisfying when we learn that more and more small and medium sized businesses around the globe move to 3CX Phone System for Windows after realizing its ease of use and administration benefits, especially when compared to alternative Linux-based PBXs,” says Nick Galea, CEO at 3CX. “Linux is a complicated platform to learn and maintain, and we are glad that our Windows-based solution is offering companies such as AD-ICT and NO TOMATO exactly what they need to fulfill their business needs.”

“We don’t understand VOIP, but we understand 3CX,” the team at NO TOMATO, in true advertising style, could not agree more.

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