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3CX Gears Up Kyrgyz Health Ministry Communications

The Ministry of Health of The Kyrgyz Republic manages the entire health system for a nation just slightly smaller than the UK, and with a population of about 6 million. With a staff of about 100 workers, based in capital Bishkek, the ministry has a lot of ground to cover, from running hospitals to determining regulations for medication. All of this means that communications is key part of the ministry’s operations.

3CX Gears Up Kyrgyz Health Ministry CommunicationsFor its phone system, the ministry had previously depended on a Panasonic TDA 200, a a hybrid VoIP PBX which worked over the PSTN while enabling the use of IP Phones.

But maintaining that older model PBX was expensive, as it required regular intervention from external specialists. And calls were costing too much: The Ministry was particularly concerned about the high rates it was paying for mobile phone traffic.

Upgrading to a full-scale software-based PBX

The Ministry’s IT Administrator Almaz Kydyrbaev realized two years ago that gearing up to a software-based PBX would reduce maintenance needs, and that, connected to a VoIP gateway, would cut call costs as well. Kydyrbaev shopped around, and chose 3CX Phone System as resolving all of the ministry’s concerns, and more.

“3CX Phone System was easy to install and deploy, and is simple to manage. Its compatibility with Windows is also an advantage for us. We have been using 3CX for about 2 years now and we are very satisfied with it”, Kydyrbaev comments.

Kydyrbaev praised 3CX Partner JUNUS Ltd. for its rapid and seamless installation.

Robust Connectivity Across the Organization

With the new IP PBX, the ministry could take advantage of the lower costs provided by VoIP telephony.

Previously, mobile phone calls via the PSTN were costing the ministry 7.5 soms ($0.10) per minute, but by connecting 3CX Phone System to two gateways those charges were cut to 1 som ($0.01) per minute — and it further reduced call charges by enabling per-second billing.

Bills were cut further because interoffice calls could be made for free from the ministry’s 40 IP phones, as they were routed over the data network. Remote staff in other offices around the country were all linked up to headquarters with softphones and web clients on smartphones.

What’s more, the ministry’s mobile staff were able to keep in touch with external contacts thanks to the single extension number that 3CX Phone System provides.

And staff productivity has improved, thanks to the more robust connectivity that 3CX has provided. The ministry is also taking advantage of 3CX Phone System’s complete Unified Communications solutions, including presence and video conferencing.

Overall, Kydyrbaev says, 3CX has powered up ministry communications with its rich feature set of IP-based communications.

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