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Cellografica Gerosa Connects its Production Line to 3CX Phone System

Cellografica Gerosa

Cellografica Gerosa was founded in 1935 in Como, Italy and now has operations across Europe. In Spain, their factory based near Barcelona makes flexible packaging solutions for both food and non-food items. 3CX Phone System has enabled Cellografica Gerosa to create an automatic alert system for the factory’s production line to ensure that production runs smoothly, as well as cutting international call costs.

Miguel Meneses, IT Director of Cellografica Gerosa, said:

“3CX Phone System has shown Cellografica Gerosa the future of production line-PBX integration. Not only this, 3CX has cut out international call costs and enabled integrated working with employees in other locations. We are extremely pleased with the phone system.”

3CX Provides Sophisticated Voice App Solution

Cellografica Gerosa was looking for a sophisticated software-based phone system which it could integrate with its production line to automatically alert an engineer if one of the machines stopped working. If the production line comes to a halt, each minute it is down costs the company money. Cellografica Gerosa wanted a solution which would allow them peace of mind, that in the case of a breakdown an engineer would be at the factory as quickly as possible. Following a discussion with 3CX Partner, Sidear Informatica, the company decided that 3CX Phone System offered the best solution, due to the 3CX Voice Application Designer (VAD) add-on module. The 3CX Voice Application Designer module enables businesses to create voice applications which automate time intensive business processes.

Ensuring an Efficient Operation

With 3CX Voice Application Designer, the company created an application which would immediately call an engineer in case of a fault with a machine. 3CX Phone System is now linked through the application to a monitoring system which tracks the electrical signals from the machines. When a fault is detected, the system will call an engineer who is both available to carry out the repairs and has the necessary technical skills to do so. The engineer’s phone will ring for two minutes and if he or she does not pick up or closes the call, it will then automatically ring another engineer. If there is no engineer available, as a last resort the system will call the technical support head office. In addition all the information from the system is stored in a real time database so that it can be easily monitored. With 3CX, Cellografica Gerosa has been able to secure its production line, making sure that the company does not lose valuable time or money if a fault occurs.

In the future the voice application can be expanded to other functions within Cellografica Gerosa’s factory, demonstrating the versatility of 3CX Voice Application Designer. These include: sending an alert if the lights have been left switched on, or if an alarm has been set off. The person who receives the alert, can then control the situation through their phone, for example they could switch off the lights by pressing a key on their phone. With 3CX Voice Application Designer the possibilities are endless, with all types and sizes of business being able to use the technology to automate their processes.

Everyday Communications Improved

For everyday communication, Cellografica Gerosa has benefited greatly from the ability to make free international calls, connecting the company’s employees based across Europe and cutting costs. With 3CX’s Unified Communications features employees at Cellografica Gerosa can now see whether their colleagues are available to talk, which has increased productivity within the company. Cellografica Gerosa has seen significant benefits from moving to 3CX, not only in ensuring its production line runs smoothly, but also with cost effective inter-office calls.

SidearAbout Sidear Informatica (

Sidear Informatica, as one of its services, specialises in the development of custom-made applications for clients who wish to optimize complex processes within their business. For more than three years, Sidear Informatica has worked with 3CX Phone System and 3CX Voice Application Designer to create such solutions. The applications designed by Sidear Informatica perfectly integrate a businesses’ software and hardware with 3CX Phone System.

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