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Chip One Cuts Its Telephony Costs in Half with 3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System Installed at Chip One ExchangeFounded in 2001, Chip One Exchange is a worldwide exchange company and stocking distributor of electronic components. The company operates as a reciprocal link between OEMs, contract manufacturing companies, end users and global distributors of components such as PC monitors, memory and microchips. Chip One sources electronic components on behalf of its clients and also purchases and markets their excess inventory. A truly global concern, the company maintains offices in China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Philippines and the USA.

The Chip One staff must maintain constant contact across its global network to find components quickly and cost-effectively, which requires a reliable, easy-to-manage phone system. After a period of continued expansion, the company decided it was time to abandon its Siemens HiPath 5000, a traditional hardware PBX that required far too much time and expense to maintain and was rather inflexible when it became necessary to expand it or integrate it with other systems. Chip One decided it needed a new phone system, a scalable system that utilized VoIP, one that could help the company grow while simultaneously reducing its telephony expenses.

Flexible, Low-Cost and Scalable PBX Needed

First and foremost, the company’s new phone system had to connect all seven Chip One offices – this was crucial to reducing call costs and improving overall staff efficiency. Chip One employees often travel between offices, and the new phone system had to enable these employees to enjoy a more seamless communications experience when changing offices and while they are on the road. It was also necessary the new phone system utilized VoIP: the company’s Siemens PBX couldn’t accommodate VoIP, unless Chip One was willing to make an expensive investment in additional hardware, which would be difficult to obtain, and in configuration. Finally, the company wanted a software-based PBX, which would be far more flexible and scalable than a traditional PBX.

The Right Components

Of course a company with such significant global reach, in an industry built on precision and exacting standards, would only select the finest software-based PBX, and Chip One chose 3CX Phone System to replace its outdated Siemens PBX. 3CX Phone System is based on Windows, so there was no need for Chip One to purchase special or dedicated hardware, which reduced its upfront costs. Management was also excited about the 3CX Call Center Module, which provides advanced real time queue strategies, advanced agent statistics, SLA alerts and other professional call center features, all at a fraction of the cost of a hardware equivalent.

The Chips Fall into Place

ISP-EURONET, a 3CX Premium Partner in Steinbach near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, provided an offer to Chip One in early March. Chip One selected 3CX Phone System over Siemens and Swyx systems, and on 22 April the company awarded ISP-EURONET the contract for 3CX Enterprise Edition 128 CC and 64 CC. ISP-EURONET implemented 3CX Phone System in Chip One offices in Neu-Isenburg, Germany (its headquarters) , Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Shenzhen, ultimately bridging all their 3CX Phone System installations. The entire project was completed quickly and successfully, without any disruption to daily operations at Chip One.

3CX Chips Away at Telephony Costs

Chip One now uses the 3CX Bridging feature to connect all of its 3CX Phone System installations. Now that inter-office calls are treated as internal calls, employees in the U.S. office, for example, can call the Philippines office for free. They can also route calls through the Philippines PBX and pay local rates to call a Philippines number, instead of paying expensive international calling rates. Thanks to 3CX Phone System, Chip One has cut its calling costs by 50 percent.

Chip One Cut Costs in Half by Bridging PBXs with 3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System Provides Presence and Mobility

Since the installation of 3CX Phone System, Chip One has seen a significant increase in employee output and improved customer service. The latest version of 3CX Phone System, 3CX Phone System 11, includes 3CX MyPhone, which enables Chip One employees to see the presence of other employees on bridged PBX’s – this includes their status, if they are on a call, what queues they are in, etc. 3CX MyPhone brings Unified Communications together for each user, making it easy for Chip One staff members to interact with each other. They can answer incoming calls from any office, share phone lines across multiple locations and effortlessly transfer calls between offices – it’s even possible, with 3CX MyPhone, for Chip One employees to host and manage conference calls amongst multiple offices at no additional cost.

Now that 3CX Phone System is in place, Chip One only needs 10 Aastra SIP phones for 60 lines with 80 extensions at its headquarters in Neu-Isenburg. Most Chip One employees no longer need hard phones, as they are currently making use of 3CXPhone for Windows, a free Windows softphone. Finally, 3CXPhone for Android and 3CXPhone for iPhone allow users to travel with their extensions, which means they can be reached on their extensions in any office or while they are on the road. This feature has been especially useful for Chip One’s mobile “Roadwarriors” team.

A Successful Large Scale Integration

3CX Phone System was clearly the right choice for Chip One. The company is so pleased with 3CX Phone System that in the first quarter of 2013 it will install the system at its other offices.

“The implementation of the 3CX Phone System in our company has improved the efficiency and communications between our branches worldwide and has cut down our call costs significantly,” said Volkan Sanverdi, CFO of Chip One. “It gave us several new features which enabled us to overhaul and improve our inter-branch communication. Utilizing its trunking and advanced call routing features, we were able to lower our telephony cost by about a four-figure sum per month. With 3CX Phone System, we can provide a greater level of service to our customers.”

Blue chip solutions for blue chip companies. 3CX continues to add to its stellar reputation.


A 3CX Premium Partner since 2011, ISP-EURONET was founded in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1993. The company develops customized software solutions for commercial use. ISP-EURONET specializes in hosting products, online payment solutions, software as a service (SaaS) and Voice over IP (VoIP). The company has completed more than 200 successful installations of 3CX Phone System.

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