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Crediaxis Finds a Scalable Solution With 3CX Phone System

logoCrediaxis is a financial services institution that lends a hand to Mexico’s public sector employees. Its financial advisors assist their customers with a guaranteed quality of service through personal attention and immediate response to client needs. With 200 employees and nine branches spread across the country, however, the growing financial firm needed a cutting-edge telecommunications solution to support its ongoing development.

The search for a scalable, affordable PBX

Crediaxis’ phone services were carried out on an outdated Panasonic PBX. The company found that this system limited communication among branches due to inflexible remote office connection options, which subsequently stifled business opportunities. Another growing pain was the costliness of adding extensions to its legacy PBX. Accordingly, the company included cost efficiency on its list of needs for its search for an upgraded business phone system.

Achieving interoffice unity with a flexible IP solution

After investigating other IP-PBX providers on the market, Crediaxis decided to switch to 3CX Phone System, which was installed by 3CX Partner, Techlife, to free itself of the restrictions imposed by its current telephony system—and for the superior scalability the software-based PBX could bring to the table. 3CX Phone System doesn’t lock its users into using one proprietary vendor’s services; rather, the 3CX customer can select its preferred VoIP and SIP providers. As such, clients can create customized phone systems that specifically align to their business needs.

In this scenario, Crediaxis kept analog lines at three of its branches, but added an IP line provided by TechLife at one branch. This new architecture allowed for seamless calls among offices as the IP line was connected by a bridge to other locations. The financial services firm also integrated 64 desktop phones into the new phone system configuration. This provides the business with increased flexibility because its new configuration can handle increased scalability without requiring downtime or incurring the limitations typically imposed by on-premises wires.

Management-consolephoneEfficient cost and management

Crediaxis realized its legacy PBX system’s high maintenance requirements and costs were a burden, especially considering its limited capabilities. Because 3CX Phone System operates on Windows, the system manager found the installation to be quite didactic as the familiar technology didn’t require knowledge of complex programming language. Windows operability also speaks to diminished upkeep because IT teams can address matters on their own rather than contracting with an external PBX repair service.

One of the most rewarding benefits of partnering with 3CX for Crediaxis is the money the company is saving due to reduced long-distance call fees. By creating bridges among the PBXs of its main branch with those of its external branches, it can communicate over the IP line at no additional cost. Creating bridges was also a simple task that the systems manager accomplished on his own by using the menu on the 3CX Windows-based interface.

Gerardo Ramirez Almanza, Systems Manager at Crediaxis, said:

“The phone system provided by 3CX improved our local and remote communications. Our new PBX system has been one of the most beneficial elements in helping our business grow. The business can now expand, communicate and manage its phone system while sidestepping expensive rates and other limitations it faced before the upgrade.”

Intuitive tools for enhanced customer service

Crediaxis focuses much of its efforts on providing the best possible quality in customer service. The new 3CX Phone System has helped enhance the business’s already excellent service with its dynamic features and simple configuration. The addition of tools such as call reporting and recording has given Crediaxis an edge in monitoring interactions with its customers.

Furthermore, Crediaxis found creating an efficient IVR system in 3CX Phone System to be a straightforward task; due to the system’s computer-based configuration, users created customized auto-attendant input and output messages from a menu provided within the phone system interface. Now, employees of this financial institution have easy-to-use telecommunications tools that support their high-standard business practices.

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