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Dilijan College Cuts Phone Costs & Gains Mobility with 3CX

United World College Dilijan
, based in Tavush, Armenia, is part of a community of 16 educational institutions around the world, all of which work towards a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world through a balanced, challenging and transformative education with people from diverse backgrounds. The college aims to be an integral part of Dilijan and to have positive personal, local and global impact.

Dilijan College case study image

Founded in 2014, Dilijan College has already attracted an international student body, and its 75 workers maintain calling traffic all over the world. But the phone bill was increasing rapidly, as the college only had 1 PSTN line for all its communications.

Head of IT Department Levon Asoyan, and Procurement Specialist Levon Demirchyan saw that the college needed more advanced communications: A step up to Unified Communications that cut calling costs and increased collaboration and mobility for staff.

Asoyan and Demirchyan shopped around for an IP PBX, and considered Asterisk®*, but found it was too complicated to use. Instead, they chose 3CX:

“3CX is easy to use, cost-effective and rich in features,” Asoyan commented.

Seamless Installation and Deployment

3CX made stepping up to Unified Communications at the college rapid and seamless: With the help of Yerevan-based 3CX Partner IT Support, installation and deployment were rapid, and the college experienced almost no down time.

3CX went straight to work on the college’s existing hardware and software. And 3CX took control of the college’s line and 50 IP Phones without any delay.

Increased Mobility and Productivity

Asoyan said that the college immediately began to enjoy the benefits of 3CX’s cutting-edge technology. 3CX slashed the college’s calling costs with IP Telephony, so that a large part of traffic travelled free on the data network while calls to the PSTN were reduced to a minimum cost with least-cost routing.

Employees could be reached anywhere on an individual office number, and advanced call management ensured that no calls were missed.

“3CX’s user friendly interface helped promote adoption of Unified Communications,” Asoyan explained, noting that employees could work from anywhere using chat, instant messaging and web conferencing.

Increased collaboration is already leading to boosted productivity, as workers share documents and screens online.

“3CX provides a terrific step up,” Asoyan added.

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