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3CX & Platinum Partner Witec Help BandTec Digital School Keep Pace with Demanding Tech Requirements

bandtec digital schoolBandTec Digital School, located in São Paulo, Brazil, is a unique collaborative environment partnering some of the region’s leading thinkers and business leaders that have come together to develop and enhance ideas that transform analog into digital. BandTec has a university, a research and development center, as well as a number of organizations offering IOT, UX and Big Data solutions.

But in order to practice what they preach, it was imperative to have an advanced and feature-rich phone system that could meet the rigorous demands of the complex, high-tech organization. Alexander Barreira, BandTec’s IT Director, recognized that given the limitations of their previous phone system, a change needed to be made.

At the time, the school was leveraging a Siemens phone system that cost $5,000 per month. Despite the high operational cost, the system had reached its end of life. Barreira briefly considered an Avaya phone system, but once he learned about the capabilities of 3CX, the choice was clear.

Alexander Barreira, IT Director, BandTec:

“3CX is a light, versatile application that fulfills all the needs inherent for any dynamic and up-to-date company that wants to be agile and a step ahead in the digital world.”

No downtime during seamless installation

BandTec’s campus is a fast-paced environment that demands robust and seamless communications capabilities. As such, making the transition to 3CX needed to be accomplished with the challenge of incurring zero downtime. Fortunately, 3CX was designed to operate on the most popular operating systems in use today, ensuring fast and effective installation and deployment without the need for additional employee training.

After making the choice to go with 3CX, BandTec’s innovative new system was installed and deployed in just a few brief hours, with no operational interference. Upon successful deployment, 3CX took over management of BandTec’s 100 IP phones and 30 lines, further mitigating resource-draining management responsibilities for BandTec employees.

BandTec revolutionizes its communications capabilities

In addition to immense cost savings achieved through their partnership with 3CX, BandTec IT Manager Alexander Barreira also cited that their new system has enabled the organization to expand remote work capabilities to its 100 employees, as well as the ability to transition away from costly hardphones.

Today, BandTec now has more resources to reallocate, as well as more bandwidth to make sure that employees can stop worrying about the shortcomings of their old phone system, and get back to what’s important: facilitating exciting new innovations at BandTec’s facilities.

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