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Case Studies – Finance

Baker Tilly succesfully deploys 3CX

3CX Helps Baker Tilly Make Communications More Flexible and Mobile
“Previously, we were very limited on our mobility, and thus, our productivity. We also needed to bring flexibility and simplicity to day-to-day issues involving the management of our communications. 3CX is an excellent and very flexible PBX solution.”
Samir Valiyev, Managing Partner

Phillips security moves to 3CX

US Bank Steps Away from Expensive and Difficult to Manage Web Conferencing Solution with 3CX WebMeeting
“3CX has cut Phillip’s phone costs sharply. Voice calls go out over the IP phone system, and are routed over the PSTN at the lowest cost. The company’s eight offices are bridged, and interoffice calls become free with IP telephony. Employees can now also message, chat and initiate audio and video conferences to speed up communications.”
Terence TungNetwork Manager

3CX Cuts Calling Costs, Supports Mobility at Tatagroprombank

3CX Supports Advanced Communications at Tatagroprombank
3CX was the best solution on the market, one that achieved all of our objectives. It provides great value. Our bank is already seeing a boost in productivity thanks to 3CX, which is enabling increased collaboration. 3CX offers a perfect balance of price and quality.”
Larionov Denis, Head of ICT

US Bank Steps Away from Expensive and Difficult to Manage Web Conferencing Solution with 3CX WebMeeting
“3CX WebMeeting is easy to deploy, simple to use, and enhances our organization’s efficiency by giving us the ability to have meetings on-demand at any time. The main benefit of this solution is the scalability in our large organization. 3CX WebMeeting allows for us to offer all departments the ability to schedule meetings for their specific need and are not hindered by user limit restrictions.”
Geremy Farmer, Information Technology Coordinator

Financial institution Crediaxis successfully deploys 3CX Phone System

Crediaxis Finds a Scalable Solution With the 3CX Phone System
“The phone system provided by 3CX improved our local and remote communications. Our new PBX system has been one of the most beneficial elements in helping our business grow.” The business can now expand, communicate and manage its phone system while sidestepping expensive rates and other limitations it faced before the upgrade.”
Gerardo Ramirez Almanza, Systems Manager

4Finance Logo

3CX Phone System Pro – 4finances Call Centre for European Operations
“3CX is the best price performance option. The phone system allows you to create almost any configuration you need, starting from a simple interactive voice response and ending with a complex system with customised call flows.”
Kaspars Bergs, Infrastructure Department Manager

Rigensis Bank choses 3CX Phone System and stays ahead with a modern telecom solution.

How Rigensis Bank Stays Ahead with 3CX Phone System
“3CX Phone System is a reliable, flexible and cost-effective communication solution for the bank. It has all the necessary features for day-to-day operations and brings friendly, easy-to-use environment to our staff. Simple maintenance by our own IT team is another great advantage of the system, and it is complemented by responsive and competent support from the local 3CX Partner.”
Evgeny Zascherinsky, Head of IT Infrastructure

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