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3CX Adds Good Value to Phillips Securities Group

Phillip Securities Group (“Phillip”) is one of the members of PhillipCapital, provides a full range of quality and innovative financial services to individuals, corporates, and institutional investors. PhillipCapital founded in 1975 in Singapore, operates in 16 financial hubs, with offices around the world.

With 700 employees and growing, Phillip was seeing rising telephone maintenance costs and expecting operation deficiency over the PSTN on its communications for local and overseas offices. Besides, the phone system, Phillip is required to also install a recording system, which is a compliance requirement for financial services groups.

Terence Tung, Network Manager of Phillip decided to replace the company’s traditional telephone system and recording system, with a view to gearing up to IP telephony which provides an all in one solution, and the ability to bridge its eight Hong Kong offices.

Good Value

Tung chose to invest in 3CX, for its cutting-edge technology:
“3CX provides good value, cutting our costs, solving the call recording issue, and simplifying our IT administration,” he said.

“Installation is rapid, with little down time, thanks to Hong Kong-based 3CX Partner OPScommunicationLTD. 3CX takes control of the company’s 12 T1 lines. 3CX is easy to install, because it is based on open standards, and operated directly on Phillip’s own hardware and software”.

Financial Gain

“3CX has cut Phillip’s phone costs sharply,” he said. “Voice calls go out over the IP phone system, and are routed over the PSTN at the lowest cost”.“The company’s eight offices are bridged, and interoffice calls become free with IP telephony. Employees can now also message, chat and initiate audio and video conferences to speed up communications”.

“With all in one 3CX, call recording becomes a snap. Call or conference recording is started up with a click from the 3CX softphone, and the recordings can be managed from an easy-to-access list”.

Philip Securities Save Money on communications with 3CX PBX

As a result, Phillip is able to centralize its call recordings from all branches, so that compliant archiving procedures can be put to use to preserve them.

“So satisfied is Phillip with 3CX, that the company is considering using it to run its worldwide phone system,” Tung concluded.

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