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US Bank Steps chooses 3CX WebMeeting to Step Away from Expensive and Difficult to Manage Web Conferencing Solution

Magnolia Bank, located in Hodgenville, Kentucky, is an independent community bank that’s served its local area since 1919. In 2009, it celebrated 90 years of providing dedicated service to its customers and community. The management at Magnolia Bank is committed to preserving the company’s historical standard of providing a uniquely personal customer service experience. Employees of Magnolia Bank live by the motto “We Have a Personal Way” and exude this ideal in their daily interactions with customers and through their community involvement.

Magnolia Bank views its employees, customers and partners as family and, therefore, places great importance on providing warm, personal communications. Because of this, the employees of Magnolia Bank have long-regarded web conferencing as a must-have tool in their offices, as it provides a personal touch when interacting with remote parties. As intrinsic as the technology has become for company communications, however, the bank’s Information Technology Coordinator Geremy Farmer felt that his organization’s current web conferencing platform, wasn’t cost effective enough.

Enhancing the Magnolia Bank Family Atmosphere With 3CX WebMeeting

Farmer was no stranger to 3CX products when he took to researching new Web conferencing solutions. In fact, he had just recently implemented 3CX Phone System in four Magnolia Bank locations. Consequently, once he learned about 3CX WebMeeting, his search for a new solution came to a quick close. Because of his successful experience with 3CX Phone System, Farmer trusted that 3CX WebMeeting would provide stellar performance.

After implementing 3CX WebMeeting, Magnolia employees realized major improvements in ease of use and deployment as it offered all of the functions necessary to address company-specific communications needs. For example, 3CX WebMeeting employs WebRTC to provide a browser-to-browser conferencing experience for its users. That is, WebRTC enables users to launch conferencing sessions from a browser (like Chrome or Firefox, for instance), which mitigates the hassle of downloading external plug-ins and clients before starting a conference session.
What’s more, the company previously struggled with their previous solution due its user restrictions. Bank employees previously shared a single organizer account that caused several scheduling malfunctions across departments. With 3CX WebMeeting, each user can access his or her own account, eliminating the inefficiencies brought on by a single organizer.

Magnolia Bank replaces its web conferencing solution with 3CX WebMeeting and saves money

Geremy Farmer, Information Technology Coordinator said:
“3CX WebMeeting is easy to deploy, simple to use, and enhances our organization’s efficiency by giving us the ability to have meetings on-demand at any time. The main benefit of this solution is the scalability in our large organization. 3CX WebMeeting allows for us to offer all departments the ability to schedule meetings for their specific need and are not hindered by user limit restrictions.”

Implementing a Financially Sound Communications Solution

The financial experts at Magnolia Bank are skilled in advising clients about how to make wise business decisions and were able to apply this competence to the selection of the company’s new web conferencing solution. Consequently, they determined that 3CX WebMeeting was the most cost-effective solution on the market as the pricing is based on the number of participants unlike their former solution.

With 3CX WebMeeting, Magnolia Bank is cutting costs, as the pricing is based on the number of participants rather than per-user licensing. What’s more, with this solution, the company can assign an unlimited number of users no matter which product package it chooses.

3CX WebMeeting is also helping the company save money thanks to its characteristic agility. For instance, 3CX WebMeeting is currently integrated with the company’s VoIP phone system but the company plans to transfer the conferencing platform to the 3CX hosted solution.

Accessing Personalized Business Communications

Magnolia Bank holds high expectations for its future and is committed to providing a family-like experience for customers, partners and employees even as technology evolves and in-person interactions become less frequent. With 3CX WebMeeting, Magnolia Bank can continue to live up to its motto by enabling face-to-face communication even when live meetings aren’t feasible.
3CX WebMeeting is augmenting the bank’s internal communications as it provides a simple, effective way for disparate departments to hold regular meetings. Furthermore, the conferencing platform makes it easy for users to upload PowerPoint presentations and other multimedia to enrich the web meeting experience that much more. The web conferencing platform will also allow the company’s loan department to communicate with partners more effectively.

Now, Magnolia Bank employees can provide their differentiating personal touch through face-to-face meetings at an affordable price.

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