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FleetKonzepte Drives Telephony Costs Down by 30% with 3CX Phone System

Germany is famous for its automotive industry. Some of the world’s best cars, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen, are designed and manufactured on German soil. Given the quality of their cars, it’s no surprise Germans love driving: per capita, automobile ownership in Germany is the 13th highest in the world, with 634 automobiles for every 1,000 people, and the country’s national highway system, the Bundesautobahn, is the fourth-longest on earth, 12,845 kilometers.


With this many cars and this much road, there are plenty of car dealerships throughout Germany. Braunschweig, in Lower Saxony, is home to FleetKonzepte GmbH, a unique SME that handles claims arising from accidents on behalf of Germany’s myriad individual auto dealers. FleetKonzepte provides commercial and technical support to dealers to facilitate the timely payment of their insurance claims. The company partners with nationwide single car dealerships, both independent and branded, including Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, KIA, Land Rover, MINI, Opel, Volkswagen and Volvo dealers. With more than 1,000 customers all over Germany, FleetKonzepte is one of the country’s leading fleet management companies.

More Horsepower

Up until this year, FleetKonzepte was using an nfon system, IP Centrex, which the company’s 17 employees found rather inflexible. There were problems with the VoIP Trunk gateway and with system availability, as not all of the company’s calls went through, and the FleetKonzepte team was dissatisfied with the service provided by their vendor.

Given the sensitive nature of its business, and the urgency with which the company works to resolve its clients’ claims, FleetKonzepte needed more horsepower from its telephone system – it couldn’t risk missed calls or system crashes, and management no longer wanted to depend on an outside vendor for service issues or the addition of extensions. FleetKonzepte employees needed to be able to reach each other immediately and seamlessly, either in the company’s offices or on site at a dealership. Finally, as a growing SME in a massive marketplace, FleetKonzepte wanted to anticipate its future growth by installing a phone system that it could expand simply and cost-effectively.


FleetKonzepte Installs 3CX Phone System

FleetKonzepte wanted a telephone system it could install on a Windows platform, so the company selected 3CX Phone System, sparing itself miles of snarled wires. Installation was fast, simple and completed without any disruption to operations. Since the installation of 3CX Phone System, the company has seen its telephony costs driven down by 30 percent.

FleetKonzepte now uses 20 IP phones, including Snom 330, 350, 370 and Yealink, with headsets and speakers, for 60 extensions, and a QSC VoIP Trunk (20 lines). Should the system require expansion, the company can add extensions and advanced features simply, quickly and cheaply, without having to hire an outside vendor.

A Telecommunications Autobahn

3CX Phone System is now considered a classic at FleetKonzepte. The company’s employees find it easy to configure, while management appreciates the free selection of VoIP providers and the extensive control options the system provides them. Everyone at FleetKonzepte can now see presence of their colleagues, meaning they can if their fellow employees are at or away from their desks. Setting up a conference call can be done in a few mouse clicks too, while the 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System Android and iOS clients have enabled the easy integration of the company’s mobile and teleworkers, resulting in a significant improvement in call reporting.

3CX Phone System gives FleetKonzepte professional call center features at an affordable price and without the need for an outside vendor. The PBX’s real time queue statistics let FleetKonzepte staff monitor queue status and review the number of callers in a queue, while the call back feature permits customers to disengage and still retain their position in the queue – 3CX Phone System calls them back when they reach first position in the queue and sends call back notification emails to the supervisor. Staff members can now join calls already in process and employees away from company headquarters in Braunschweig, including those working from home, can track the rest of the team’s availability and make, answer or transfer calls, all as if they were in the office. 3CX Phone System has made it so FleetKonzepte will never again miss a call, which is crucial to their business.

3CX Phone System Puts FleetKonzepte in the Driver’s Seat

If you’re an up-and-coming SME driving toward a successful future, you should take 3CX Phone System along for the ride. It’s the best Unified Communications solution for the long haul.

“The 3CX software provides a solution for medium-sized businesses,” says FleetKonzepte GmbH CEO Hans Reiner, “especially with growth potential and variable locations on fair terms and easy expansion options.”

Think of 3CX Phone System as the highest-octane software-based PBX available. Make the switch – we’ll put a tiger in your company’s tank.

A 3CX Premium Partner since 2011, ISP-EURONET was founded in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1993. The company develops customized software solutions for commercial use. ISP-EURONET specializes in hosting products, online payment solutions, software as a service (SaaS) and Voice over IP (VoIP). The company has completed more than 200 successful installations of 3CX Phone System.

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