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Case Studies – Government

Huntingdon Town Council moves to 3CX PBX

Huntingdon Town Council Modernizes with Move to 3CX
“We wanted a more cost-effective, cheaper and more manageable service. The 3CX system allows staff to program out of office responses, leverage virtual assistant capabilities and various other hand functions. It will also save the Council money on telecommunications. We also have the benefit of ongoing support from 3CX partner CNS in the event that any issues were to arise.”
Kate Yerbury, Spokesperson of the Huntingdon Town Council

The City of Sorgues deploys 3CX, a fllexible Open Standards PBX solution

3CX Frees the City of Sorgues from Costly, Rigid Telephony Solutions
“It was obvious for us to choose an open standards solution. 3CX’s Unified Communications System is not only open standards, but is easy to use and administer, gives us access to new technologies like softphones, Android and iOS applications and, of course, gives impressive value for money.”
Joel Salgado, City of Sorgues Telephony Manager

3CX Helps Maintain Disaster Protection in Russian Krasnodar
“Continuous connectivity for us is the keystone of rapid response for any emergencies.Thanks to our cooperation with 3CX, we were able to reach a new level of operation. We were able to increase the safety of our citizens, and this is the most important thing.”
Andrei Yurievich Sokolov, Head of the IT Department of the Ministry


3CX Shows Agricultural Research Center The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side
“Although the installation is extremely recent, and it is difficult to define an exact amount in regards to savings related to the introduction of 3CX, it is without a doubt that costs are drastically reduced especially for mobiles.”
Marie-Christine Galan, Administrative Manager of SCEA Cedesco

3CX Solves a Russian Territory’s Phone System Pitfalls
“The flexibility and ease of use – as well as the system manuals being simple to understand as they were all translated to Russian—have made the ministry’s transition to an upgraded phone system a favorable experience. In fact, the organization plans to make 3CX its main communication channel in the future.”
Tibushkin Vadim Leonidovich, CEO and Manager of the Ministry

Kentucky Refugee Ministry Benefits from User Friendly 3CX Phone System
“We were provided two other estimates both of these were not even close to the price of 3CX Phone System, and both of these were much more complicated.”
Bob Matthews, HR Web Manager at Kentucky Refugee Ministry, USA

British Chamber of Commerce Philippines Connects with its Members Using 3CX Phone System
“We were setting up a brand new office. We wanted a software based system which was cost effective and easy to maintain, and at the same time gave us good control over guest users, and good reporting. 3CX was the most cost effective, advanced, digital telephony system that we could find. We like the ease of use and configurability of the system and we know that it will grow with us.”
Chris Boughton, General Manager

Republican Party of Minnesota Connects with its Constituents Using 3CX Phone System
“We have a terrific new solution in place that works as it should, the users like it, and the experience of getting it all installed and “turned on” was painless.”
Mr De Haven, Executive Director

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