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3CX Shows Agricultural Research Center The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

The SCEA is the French Society of Agricultural Exploitation; a civil society designed to empower, assist and help grow the agricultural industry in France. SCEA Cedesco is one of the organization’s multi-faceted institutes born from the association of three agricultural research centers: Arvalis, Terres Inovia and Acta. As their line of work involves high levels of information exchange between departments they needed a phone system that would give them complete, reliable and effective communications across the board.The current Alcatel Diatonis installation had begun showing its old age and the organization wanted a phone system that would innovate their communications to the next level; hence they installed 3CX Phone System for Windows.

Scea Cedesco are reaping the benefits of a modern PBX like 3CX

Uprooting Obsolete Technologies In Favour Of Fresh PBX

The organization’s Alcatel Diatonis installation was costing them a considerable amount, at around €30,000 per year and had slowly but surely become obsolete, especially when compared to modern PBX installations. Their main concern was a successful move over from an analog to a VoIP system; this led them to look at many options. Their decision to move forward with 3CX included a number of factors; cost, reliability, ease of use and Unified Communications features.

3CX Phone System was set-up to use 8 BRI (Basic Rate Interface) lines and 2 GSM coming in via a Beronet FXS Gateway connecting to 52 Snom devices.

Reaping The Rewards Of An Advanced PBX

‘Although the installation is extremely recent, and it is difficult to define an exact amount in regards to savings related to the introduction of 3CX, it is without a doubt that costs are drastically reduced especially for mobiles’ says Marie-Christine Galan, Administrative Manager of SCEA Cedesco.

In addition, in the little time since 3CX Phone System has replaced SCEA’s previous PBX considerable advantages have been made clear and apparent to the organisation. The 2 most prominent gains thus far are that the management of inbound calls has seen a considerable increase as well as the fact that staff are now able to to travel with virtually no loss of communication thanks to 3CX’s acclaimed mobile clients.

The installation was carried out by 3CX Silver Partner SARL Ordi Clic Laurageais.

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