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3CX Frees the City of Sorgues from Costly, Rigid Telephony Solutions

Located in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region of southeastern France, the city of Sorgues is home to over 18,000 inhabitants. Due to its size, the city faces constant pressure to provide necessary city services while operating under considerable budgetary restrictions.City of Sorgues, France turns to 3CX PBX

Due to these constraints, it came as a surprise to Joel Salgado, the city’s telephony manager, when they heard about the price hike the city would face after three years of using Alcatel’s OMNI PBX Enterprise telephony solution.

“After three years of using their equipment, which cost approximately 130,000 Euro of capital outlay at the onset, the previous manufacturer informed us that the product was no longer supported and that we needed to invest another 30 to 35,000 Euros to get the equivalent to our initial system, with features that never worked for us during the first three years.”

Given this news, Joel began to look for alternative telephony systems that would meet the needs of the 450 public servants working for the city of Sorgues, without having to cut into his budget in a way that would disrupt public services.

The decision to work with 3CX, according to Joel, was no decision at all.

“It was obvious for us to choose an open standards solution. 3CX’s Unified Communications System is not only open standards, but is easy to use and administer, gives us access to new technologies like softphones, Android and iOS applications and, of course, gives impressive value for money.”

Speedy installation, immediate results

Time was also a consideration for the city of Sorgues. Because of the city’s immense civic responsibilities, downtime was not an option. Fortunately, deployment of 3CX’s Unified Communications System by 3CX Silver Partner, Digito, took only a few short hours and created no downtime for city employees.

Because 3CX is an open standards solution that runs on Windows or Linux, the city of Sorgues officials didn’t need any additional training or support to use their new, intuitive telephony solution.

Mobility, autonomy and cost-savings

Upon deployment, the city of Sorgues’ 260 Snom IP phones were automatically provisioned and Digito quickly took control of the city’s 64 lines and Beronet VoIP gateway.

The results were greater than Salgado even anticipated.

In addition to the considerable cost savings that the city enjoyed when making the switch to 3CX, the city was able to drastically transform its entire operations. As a non-proprietary PBX, 3CX was able to provide flexible  settings which could be customized autonomously.

This level of freedom has increased the mobility of city personnel by giving native access to softphones, Android and iOS applications. Simultaneously, the new system also saved the city time on administrative functions, user assistance and maintenance. The city was also able to save additional costs affiliated with licensing fees, while still enjoying the feature-rich system.

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