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3CX Helps Maintain Disaster Protection in Russian Krasnodar Territory

The Chief Administration of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory is charged with protecting citizens in disasters and threats. The Ministry must provide a vast swath of services for its territory, everything from fire protection to paramilitary mountain rescues.

As a result, its 300 employees must be connected seamlessly and continuously with the ministry. Should a disaster strike, they must be updated with information in real time – this can save lives.

Andrei Yurievich Sokolov, head of the IT and automated control systems department at the ministry, needed a more reliable, flexible and mobile phone system solution to ensure that mission-critical continuity of service.

3CX Phone System to the Rescue

“Continuous connectivity for us is the keystone of rapid response for any emergencies.Thanks to our cooperation with 3CX, we were able to reach a new level of operation. We were able to increase the safety of our citizens, and this is the most important thing,” Sokolov commented.

Case Study 3CX

Sokolov searched the telecoms market high and low to find the perfect match for his organization’s communications needs. His first criterion was the ability to conduct audio conference calls. Second, he wanted an IP-enabled phone system that could integrate the usage of softphone and smartphone technology, providing flexibility and mobility for the Ministry’s workers.

Sokolov chose 3CX Phone System as providing all the qualities that his administration needed and more.

3CX partner IT-Center rapidly installed the new solution, Sokolov noted that there had been a minimum amount of down time. Subsequent ease of use didn’t hurt either, especially as all instruction manuals are available in Russian. And familiarity with the Windows-based interface reduced the learning curve for employees.

The Ministry successfully transitioned from its legacy PBX to adopting 25 Yealink IP phones, five external SIP lines and a voice gateway. The organization realized instant improvements such as more reliable communications, total employee mobility and heightened collaborative capabilities using the powerful WebRTC platform permitting one-click web meetings from a Chrome browser.

Emergency Workers in Constant Communication

The Ministry realized rapid improvements due to the sophistication and robustness of the features included in its new software-based, IP-enabled phone system. For instance, Sokolov noted that the phone system’s audio conferencing capability has boosted the Ministry’s internal collaboration. Now employees in one office—or in disparate locations—can communicate in a conference whenever they find it necessary.

Additionally, the emergency services institution realized increased employee productivity due to the implementation of softphones, which enable employees to stay connected to teammates at the headquarters or out in the field. Softphones on laptop screens, or call clients on smartphones allow employees to take advantage of all the features of a deskphone on their laptops, tablets and smartphones. As such, emergency workers—like rescue teams or firefighters—can alert colleagues at the ministry of developing situations on the fly.

Phone Expenses Slashed

Further, the administration, which needs to communicate with workers all over the country, enjoyed a sharp reduction in calling costs. As Mikhail Vladimirovich Litvinenko, director of the Civil Defense department of the municipal administration of Krasnodar city explained:

“We train the specialists in the field of civil defense and protection of the population and territories to take control of emergency situations — natural or man-made disasters. 3СХ PBX helps us to communicate with our students who are located throughout Russia. For us, the 3CX IP PBX offers an important reduction in the cost of long distance calls. expenses. I think the implementation of 3СХ is our good fortune.”

The advanced capabilities afforded by a best-in-class IP-based phone system enabled the Ministry to maintain mission-critical communications with its employees, as well as to reduce costs.

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