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Polish Foundry Forging Ahead with 3CX Phone System


It is a true sign of our times to see one of the most traditional of industries, a foundry called GUSS-EX embracing the latest in telephony technology. This company, with offices in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus as well as Poland, designs and sells equipment lines for moulding metals. Large manufacturing companies use GUSS-EX to provide design, production planning and casting of machine parts. It also provides warehouse logistics services for clients that want to plan and optimize their storage systems. This foundry focuses on streamlining its operations and enhancing the competitiveness of the Polish foundry industry.


Piotr Rowinski, GUSS-EX IT manager, describes how dissatisfied they were with their old phone system functionality. “We had Nortel Meridien CS1000 PBX and Cisco routers networked over 3 locations. We would have liked to network our new offices in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to our Polish HQ but this would have been exorbitantly expensive with Nortel since we could only use their brand system phones. At this point we could have upgraded the Meridian software to version 6 that promised full standard sip support and would have offered a phone bill reduction. However implementing 3CX company-wide worked out at a far lower cost!”

Problems with the old system
In their search for a modern yet cost effective PABX, GUSS-EX first looked at what was wrong with their old system. It threw up the following flaws that needed to be urgently addressed;

  • Closed proprietary system
  • Forced to buy & maintain phones from one vendor
  • Difficult to scale: both in volume as well as in features
  • Expensive to administer and maintain
  • Complicated and expensive to deploy to remote offices

GUSS-EX chooses 3CX
The new phone system had to solve all of the above issues but also incorporate features that would improve productivity and save costs. 3CX was immediately in the forefront as a contender because it is one of very few products that work on many levels: cost, functionality, flexibility and inter-operability. It solved all the issues that were bogging down the old system. 3CX phone system is absolutely scalable, works with many brands of SIP phones, works with various VoIP providers and can integrate voice and fax within each user’s mailbox. In short, 3CX could offer GUSS-EX all the functionality they were looking for:

  1. An open standard system
  2. Easy management
  3. Easy & inexpensive inter-office links

3CX implementation
Because the company is still awaiting an ISDN PRI circuit, the implementation needed to happen in phases. The first phase was completed in March 2010. 23 IP phones were connected within the Polish HQ. When the ISDN line is in place, the company will connect to 3CX server by a Sangoma Netborder card. The system was installed and configured by InterTec, a 3CX supplier. Mr Rowinski was relieved to see that it was easy and straightforward to configure. “Administration is easy, no need to wait for a specialist engineer and pay extra for basic administration …”
piotrGUSS-EX immediately noted a steep rise in productivity since calls are not dropped or lost ‘on hold’. From a usability perspective, employees can easily work the system through a very user friendly Windows based interface. From an administrative point of view, the management interface was logical and easy. Basic administration tasks did not pose any problems beyond an hours training. Guss-Ex Management was more than satisfied with the level of support down to small details such as displaying the company logos on the sets. Because of its intuitive interface, both users and administrator were up and running in no time with the new system.

Connecting the remote offices is the next phase however the delay is not related to technical but rather organizational issues. For Mr Rowinski, this next step is a priority. He concludes by saying “After I discovered 3CX I can’t really understand why people keep on spending so much money on their ‘old fashioned’ closed telecommunications systems.”

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