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Best Western Carlton Blackpool Springboards Starboard Hotels 3CX Rollout

best western blackpoolStarboard Hotels is one of the most widely known and reputable hospitality franchises, with a number of the most popular destinations in its portfolio—Holiday Inn Express and Days Inn to name a few. But it is Starboard’s Best Western franchise that recently faced a telecommunications tragedy.

With a previous Panasonic PBX nearing end of life, Best Western Carlton Blackpool faced an urgent need to find a modern solution that would enable it to keep up its reputation for high-level customer service. In so doing, Starboard was looking for a successful use case that could in turn lead to a wider roll-out across all its other sites.

Thus, it was imperative to find a cost-effective, but powerful UC solution. After briefly considering several other alternatives, it quickly became clear to Best Western’s Director of IT, Mohammad Umer, that 3CX offered an unparalleled answer.

Mohammad Umer, Director of IT, Best Western Carlton Blackpool:

“The 3CX phone system has ticked all the boxes for Best Western Carlton Hotel Blackpool. Replacing the old outdated PBX has meant we no longer need expensive maintenance contracts to keep the system going, savings thousands of pounds each year. The 3CX system is very reliable. As the 2nd hotel to implement 3CX, we are confident that we will be able to use our success as a launch pad to roll out 3CX across all sites in the coming months.”

5-Star review for downtime-free deployment

In the hospitality industry, it doesn’t matter whether guests are traveling for business and pleasure—they both require high attention to detail, seamless communications capabilities and the assurance that someone will always be there to meet their needs. As such, it was imperative that a migration to the hotel’s new system incur no downtime.

Fortunately, the entire process, from installation to deployment, took just several hours, during which business went on as usual without any downtime. With a staff of only 20, it was also critical that no added time was taken away for training purposes. Because 3CX was intuitively designed for the user in mind, employees immediately understood how to use the system, however, and were able to remain focused on their primary responsibilities.

Best Western gets the best

In moving away from a product facing end of life, to an industry-leading 3CX solution, Best Western Carlton Hotel Blackpool has seen comprehensive gains across the board. Cost savings have come through reduced phone bills and maintenance considerations, while employees have been able to more effectively communicate—with guests and internally—to have even more impact on the job. Given the high success of this project, travelers to Best Western and other Starboard Hotels properties may soon get to see the benefits of 3CX for themselves.

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