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Holiday Inn Express Velizy Opens Strong with 3CX

holiday inn hotel voipHoliday Inn Express is one of the most recognizable and most traveled hospitality chains in the world. Now, it is opening up a new location in Velizy, a suburb in Paris—one of the world’s busiest travel destinations. So with a big opening in one of the biggest cities in the world, it was crucial for Holiday Inn Express Velizy to open their doors with a solid communications system in place.

As a fledgling business, it needed a cost-effective and flexible solution that would work within the constraints of a new organization. But it also needed a modern and robust solution that would reflect Holiday Inn’s sterling reputation.

That’s when Holiday Inn Express Deputy Director Mr. Pouzet was directed by Sami Fantar, a business partner at SAMCloud, to check out 3CX.

Mr. Pouzet, Deputy Director, Holiday Inn Express Velizy:

“There were numerous considerations that factored into our decision to select 3CX for our new hotel. We started with the sage advice of our partners at SAMCloud, but recognized quickly that 3CX offered immense cost savings without sacrificing the features that are so important to hospitality today. We also wanted to be able to use DECT phones all around the hotel and put VoIP technology in all 111 rooms, which 3CX made incredibly easy. Simply put, the hotel industry and 3CX go hand in hand.”

No downtime, more bookings

In the hotel industry, network downtime means fewer bookings and upset travelers. For a hotel just starting out, it was crucial to have a seamless installation and deployment to keep the hotel’s path to completion on target and on budget. Thankfully, 3CX and its worldwide network of partners were able to provide the expertise needed to complete a hassle-free installation that kept Holiday Inn Velizy moving forward appropriately.

And because 3CX is designed intuitively and runs on the most popular operating systems today, users required no additional time to learn the new system. This ensured that the innovative new phone system would be a benefit, and not a distraction, as the hotel’s operations got underway and that employees could get right to work at making the guests’ stays enjoyable.

Great features for better service

Upon deployment, 3CX took over control of Holiday Inn’s 7 Snom and 111 Yealink IP phones, as well as their 8 SC lines. The impact was immediately noticeable, says Mr. Pouzet. The cost savings compared to other vendors was incredible, while users were thrilled with how easy the system was to use. Further, the ease of maintenance and PMS integration has enabled Holiday Inn Velizy to remain focused on the biggest task at hand—offering travelers a high quality hotel experience.

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