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3CX takes up residence at the new Willing Hotel in Minsk

willing hotel belarusThe Willing Hotel in Minsk, Belarus is a brand new 3 star hotel that opened during the winter of 2017. It is set amongst the unique atmosphere of Oktyabrskaya street with its trendy cafes, bars and buildings enveloped in colourful street art. Willing Hotel sees itself as one of Minsk’s best venues for corporate and personal events. With a staff of 50 and guests coming and going all the time Willing Hotel relies a lot on its phone system to keep things running smoothly.

Willing Hotel wasn’t looking for a new phone system to replace an old outdated one, no. They were looking for a system that was going to be right for them right out of the gates. The team describe their guests as part of the younger generation. A generation that is open to progressive ways of doing things. Willing Hotel wanted to embody the same sense in what they did in the hotel as well.

The search for the new system

Employees were using individual mobile phones to conduct work related communications and there was no PBX system in place at all. The hotel was still under construction so Oksana Vladimirovna Miakish, CEO for the company, had time to find the perfect solution for the new hotel.

Oksana Vladimirovna Miakish, CEO: “We had been choosing the telephony type for quite a long time, compared many brands, met the representatives of different companies, but finally decided on 3CX, as this software meets all our requirements to the best advantage.”

Oksana wanted to find a PBX solution that could keep the new hotel running smoothly and one that would be able to grow with it. The prospect of an old analog phone system was what Oksana was used to, but she knew that the economic considerations of going with a new technology would be better for business. Especially with scalability in mind, a less innovative system would not have been a good option.

3CX enters the picture

The new 3CX system was deployed across the hotel and is showing the team at Willing Hotel new levels of productivity and mobility. They installed five Panasonic phones with one line in place for the internet connection. The cost savings were especially noticeable to Oksana, who as CEO needs to be accountable for every decision the hotel makes. Needless to say the board was happy with the cost savings, productivity and mobility increases they saw from Oksana’s choice to work with 3CX. The full suite of UC features that 3CX brought to the table and the ability to scale with the business meant it was the clear choice for Willing Hotel in Minsk.

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