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Case Studies – Industrial

SAC Trucks Helps Business to Grow with 3CX

SAC Trucks Selects 3CX for a UC Solution That Can Grow With Them
“As a rapidly growing company in an equally fast growing technological age, we had to find a system that was unified, extremely flexible, reliable, easy to use yet powerful. Our old system was not unified, was inflexible, difficult to configure, and extremely unreliable to say the least. I am pleased to say that our 3CX system ticks every box on our list—and more! Thank you 3CX!”
Derick Mulder, IT Manager

Nikol Accelerates Towards Better Business with 3CX

Russian Wholesaler Nikol Accelerates Towards Better Business with 3CX
“Our biggest immediate need was the requirement to expand our capacity. 3CX is a safe, reliable and flexible system with tremendous unified communications capabilities. But for us, it was the excellent scalability and investment retention that put us over the top.”
Andrey Braun, IT Head

voltex replaces legacy system with 3CX

Voltex Ditches Legacy System, Achieves Telephony Transformation with 3CX
“Expenses with our old phone system were mounting, and with such a limited number of features, it was clear that the diminishing return on our investment demanded that we make a swift change to a PBX that is more in line with our current needs and future goals. This made the decision to move to 3CX a simple one.”
Nerson Munsamy, Network Telecommunications Manager

Rift Valley Replaces Trixbox PBX with 3CX

3CX Partner, Cyberadmin IT Consultants, Completes Installation for Rift Valley Services
“We selected 3CX because the system was deemed simpler to use and had better features, without having to install add-ons to achieve the same level of functionality. We can now benefit from greater conferencing capabilities, and our employees are delighted to have greater mobility.”
James Egremont-Lee, Network Telecommunications Manager

3CX Refreshes Communications at Azerbaijani Shirin Su
“3CX PRO Edition has enabled us to achieve all of our goals, and has provided great value.Altogether, 3CX has given our call center an important productivity boost, and has radically simplified our communications.”
Elshad Aliye, Director

3CX Cuts Calling Costs, Bridges Branch Offices at Askona Ltd.

3CX Simplifies Communications at Russian Askona Ltd.
“Clearly, we’ve attained all our objectives with 3CX; it’s all become easy and simple; we’ve also seen a major increase in productivity, and staff now enjoy complete mobility.”
Nikita Akimov, Head of IT services and Telephony department

3CX Replaces Inter-Tel at Frontline Group

3CX Slashes Calling Costs with IP Telephony at Frontline Group
“If you want to implement a well-featured cost-effective VoIP solution then 3CX should absolutely be on your consideration list. We experienced no downtime, and the system has been up and running without any issues or need for intervention since it was installed in early June. This has the potential to break down geographic barriers for workers in far-off offices. 3CX has provided the staying power we need.”
Gregg Hayden, Group Information Services Director

3CX packages Unified Communications for Panache International
“The biggest benefit has been that 3CX has allowed us to connect our major suppliers and major customers across different continents. It is seamless and it is working every day and call quality is excellent. In the future, WebRTC links will be enabled and placed on our website and these links will enable calls and video meetings with a click. 3CX has enabled us to attain all our goals.”
Vishaal S. Shah, CEO

Superior Dairy replaces Intertel PBX with 3CX

3CX Provides Cream-of-the-Crop Communications for Superior Dairy
“3CX is a communications system that is designed with the IT professional in mind. Moreover, when running 3CX on a virtual server, one is afforded the luxury of not being tied to a particular type of hardware. Having this type of flexibility and redundancy is paramount in a fast paced operation. It has become simpler to get in touch with the staff. We don’t have to know where people are in order to get in touch with them. We don’t have to know if they are at their desk, at a machine, or if I should just call their cell phone. Now we have a single point of contact for the caller. 3CX has aligned perfectly to our business needs.”
 Brandon Bleigh, Telecommunications Manager

3CX Engineers Flexible Communications at Kantey & Templer

3CX Engineers Flexible Communications at Kantey & Templer
“3CX offered a cutting-edge, scalable and flexible system with the added advantage of solid local support, at a competitive price. We now have the flexible, efficient system we need to grow as a company.”
Andrew Mckay, Executive Associate

3CX Brings Exquisite Comms Makeover to Mana Products
“On the road or at the office, 3CX offers a plethora of features and tools for collaboration, productivity and plug-ins for systems like Outlook. From an IT perspective, it is a breeze supporting and maintaining the system.”
George Alexandrou, Vice President and CIO

ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Cuts Its Telephony Costs in Half with 3CX Phone System
“ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks migrated to 3CX Phone system in 2011. We chose 3CX due to the fact that it’s easy to manage and maintain by our own System Engineers as well as 3CX having the great advantage of running in our High-Availability Clustered environment. Our Solution Partner, Noble Concept Design, carried out the switch seamlessly and they built the necessary bridges between our other plants, which saved us a huge amount on international calling costs. Moreover, we’re able to get a high quality VoIP line with Destiny VoIP providers.”
ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks, Belgium

3CX Phone System Builds Connections for Construction Supplier City Trade
“For us it was very important to be able to be connected with our remote offices and warehouses. Thanks to 3CX, it became possible! Now our company operates as a unified mechanism!”
Gruk Dmitriy Aleksandrovich, Director

3CX Phone System Is the Right Fit for Ukrainian Pipeline Valve Manufacturer
“3CX is a PBX miracle; filled with useful Unified Communications features that allow any organisation to build a fully mobile workforce utilising a fully supported bring your own device philosophy. There are 3CX clients available for every major OS and mobile platform on the market. With crystal-clear connection quality, extended reach beyond the office environment and a massive 50% cost saving when compared to other options 3CX’s revolutionary Windows based Software PBX is truly the stuff of dreams.”
Belov Aleksandr Sergeevich, IT Department Head

Blake Equipment Company Raising The Heat with 3CX Phone System
“The Blake Group has been using 3CX Phone System since February of 2011. We are thrilled that our 3CX Partner, Clarity Technologies Group, LLC has proven to be a company of consummate IT professionals. They have built our bridges, established our call flow, and initiated our IVR’s. With 3CX and custom configurations by Clarity we are able to see each facility we have through live real-time presence. This facilitates better decision making by giving us accurate usage information through the easy to use reporting module. We couldn’t be happier with the 3CX Phone System Management Console and how simple 3CX is to manage.”
David Birdsey, Executive VP of Operations

Korenovsky Milk Canning Plant Makes the Move to 3CX Phone System
“When we decided to open a new branch «Korenovsky Milk Canning Plat» we aimed to choose reliable equipment with high degree of functionality and all this for a reasonable cost. IP PBX from 3CX fully satisfied our request. For almost a year now the PBX never disappointed us and allowed us to save on communication costs. Whenever we decide to open a new branch or modernize existing branches we will choose only 3CX.”
Sergey Bondorenko, General Director

3CX Improves Communication Standards for Russian Publishing House
“Komsomolskaya Pravda – Kuban is the new branch of newspaper ‘Komsomolskaya pravda’. From the opening day our newspaper decided to go with the times and it has paid out. 3CX Phone System provided us with the complete list of necessary telephony features. Thanks to this, our readers can always share with us their news. The PBX form 3CX is the right solution for our business.”
Yuri Dudnikov, Krasnodar branch

Phoenix ME Brings its Communications Up-to-Date with 3CX Phone System
“TAn initial evaluation of comparative systems gave 3CX better cost per benefit ratios. It was recommended by our support company and also fitted in with the company’s technology standards.”
Richard Butler, IT Manager

3CX Provides Corset Wholesale with a Global Call Centre
“Our staff are extremely happy with 3CX Phone System. As a user-friendly solution it has helped reduce their workload and enabled us to keep in touch with our customers more easily.”
Neeraj Kumar Thakur, General Manager

Cellografica Gerosa Connects its Production Line to 3CX Phone System
“3CX Phone System has shown Cellografica Gerosa the future of production line-PBX integration. Not only this, 3CX has cut out international call costs and enabled integrated working with employees in other locations. We are extremely pleased with the phone system.”
Miguel Meneses, IT Director

Rotomac Pens Draws a Line Under Outdated PBX & Welcomes 3CX Phone System
“We are really pleased with our new 3CX Phone System which has offered excellent cost savings to the company.”
Sudhir Arora, Head of IT

FleetKonzepte Drives Telephony Costs Down by 30% with 3CX Phone System
“The 3CX software provides a solution for medium-sized businesses, especially with growth potential and variable locations on fair terms and easy expansion options.”
Hans Reiner, CEO

Zehnder Selects 3CX Phone System and sees Costs Fall and Productivity Soar
“Administering the phone system is childs’ play – everybody who can use a Windows application can administer the 3CX Phone System.”
Ercan Yapalak, IT Department

Guss-ex Logo

Polish Foundry Forging Ahead with 3CX Phone System
“After I discovered 3CX I can’t really understand why people keep on spending so much money on their ‘old fashioned’ closed telecommunications systems.”
Piotr Rowinski, IT Manager

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