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The Blake Group Raises The Heat with 3CX Phone System

The Blake Group is one of the leading providers of water and thermal energy solutions with over 11 office locations throughout New England, USA. The Blake Group is one of the oldest providers of heat transfer equipment, boilers and hot water technology in New England. In fact Wilson Blake started the company in his garage in 1930. In 1967, Richard Cuda purchased the company and scaled it up into the trusted organisation it is today.

Blake needed to replace their existing legacy phone system and after much deliberation decided 3CX Phone System was the go to option. David Birdsey, Vice President and General Manager of Blake had spent a substantial amount of time exploring multiple alternatives including visiting with the representatives of their existing telephony provider but could not find a replacement solution that was as feature-rich yet cost-effective as 3CX Phone System.

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Understanding The Hottest Option In The Telecoms Market

Blake’s biggest concern in moving over to 3CX Phone System  was reliable inter-office communication between their remote locations using extension to extension dialing. They were also interested in the ability to carry out damage control by moving operations over from one location to another limiting the possibility of lost calls. After extensive analysis of 3CX Phone System carried out by Blake; from interface to licensing all the way through to the hardware required for their installation Blake decided to move ahead with 3CX Phone System; the result is one of the largest Bridged 3CX Phone System installations in the United States.

David Birdsey, Executive VP of Operations said:

“The Blake Group has been using 3CX Phone System since February of 2011. We are thrilled that our 3CX Partner, Clarity Technologies Group, LLC has proven to be a company of consummate IT professionals. They have built our bridges, established our call flow, and initiated our IVR’s. With 3CX and custom configurations by Clarity we are able to see each facility we have through live real-time presence. This facilitates better decision making by giving us accurate usage information through the easy to use reporting module. We couldn’t be happier with the 3CX Phone System Management Console and how simple 3CX is to manage.”

Riding The 3CX Wave

Blake’s corporate headquarters in East Windsor, CT is served by a 64 Simultaneous Conversation (SC) Pro licence and the ten (10) locations are served by an 8 SC Pro licences.

Utilizing 3CX Bridging has exceeded Blake’s goals providing them with substantial savings on internal/external calls and the monthly telephone bill as they no longer had to use the PSTN network. Management was also provided with the ability to monitor traffic at each site including extensive reporting capabilities as well as utilization of the convenient 3CX messaging feature across the bridge. An added benefit is their ability to allow management and sales personnel to work from more than one location by forking extensions presence across the bridges.

Travel costs have also been reduced by making use of video conferencing with 3CX WebMeeting. Blake is using more than three hundred hardware IP phones as well as 3CXPhone softphones, and 3/4G smart phones. Utilizing features found on 3CX Phone System has enhanced company-wide communications, increased productivity, management control, and has provided a substantial cost saving over the previous phone system installation for Blake.

The installation was carried out by 3CX Platinum Partner Clarity Technologies Group.

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