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3CX Slashes Comms Costs with IP Telephony at Frontline Group

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK-based Frontline Group manages the end-to-end magazine distribution of more than 160 titles from printer to store. The magazine supply chain is complex, and Frontline ensures that the biggest brands in the magazine market reach retail shelves in the right quantity and at the right time. This involves handling relationships with printers, carriers, wholesalers and retailers.

With 230 employees, and a complex network of communications to manage, Frontline Group was spending too much on calls. Working on an aging analogue system, calls went out over the PSTN at high cost.

Communications were alsconveyor belt of a printing machineo becoming unreliable. The company’s legacy Inter-Tel Axxess PBX was undependable and difficult to maintain, as well as costly to run.

Group Information Services Director Greg Hayden shopped around for an advanced and reliable system. He looked at products from Cisco and Alcatel, but found both too expensive.

Hayden chose 3CX for its cutting-edge technology, and high level of resilience.

If you want to implement a well-featured cost-effective VoIP solution then 3CX should absolutely be on your consideration list,” Hayden commented.

No Downtime

Hayden was initially pleased with 3CX’s rapid installation, as well as with support from Huntingdon, UK-based 3CX Partner Computer Network Services Ltd.

“We experienced no downtime, and the system has been up and running without any issues or need for intervention since it was installed in early June,” Hayden said.

3CX was easy to install, as it runs on mainstream operating systems and open standards. Hayden was able to use the company’s existing hardware and software, and IT staff didn’t need special training to get it up and running.

Deployment was equally rapid, as 3CX immediately took over the management of Frontline Group’s DECT handsets and 80 snom M65 IP Phones.

Costs Slashed

3CX immediately slashed calling costs. IP Telephony made a large percentage of VoIP calls free, and those that had to join the PSTN did so at the lowest possible cost with least-cost routing.

Interoffice calls became completely free of charge, and workers could be reached on their individual office numbers anywhere they went.

“This has the potential to break down geographic barriers for workers in far-off offices,” Hayden added.

3CX also increased business resilience at Frontline Group. The system provided solid, reliable service, with almost no time required for administration. Management was handled with a few clicks from 3CX’s easy-to-use web console.

Resilience was also assured by facilitated backup: As it runs on VMware, 3CX is easy to back up and make disaster-recovery ready.

“3CX has provided the staying power we need,” Hayden concluded.

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