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3CX Provides Cream-of-the-Crop Communications for Superior Dairy

Canton, Ohio-based Superior Dairy is an innovative, mid-sized processor/manufacturer of fluid milk and other dairy products. Superior is constantly striving to be on the bleeding edge of technology, consistently pushing the boundaries of the industry.

With about 350 employees and a fast-paced 24/7 operation, Superior Dairy needed a responsive communications system. It had to cost little to run, and only take up a minimum amount of IT staff time for administration and maintenance. And it had to run on existing hardware. The company also wanted to provide better connectivity for staff, and to simplify communications for its large pool of drivers.

Telecommunications Manager Brandon Bleigh was concerned that his legacy Intertel PBX wasn’t up to the job, as well as becoming complicated to maintain, costly to repair and to replace parts. He considered one on-premises phone system and a hosted PBX solution but found that pricing on both was prohibitive.

Bleigh chose 3CX’s Unified Communications Solution:

“3CX is a communications system that is designed with the IT professional in mind. Moreover, when running 3CX on a virtual server, one is afforded the luxury of not being tied to a particular type of hardware. Having this type of flexibility and redundancy is paramount in a fast paced operation,” Bleigh commented.

Farmer standing in a wheat field and holding digital tabletSmooth as butter
Installation flowed smoothly, as 3CX runs on open standards and mainstream operating systems, so it posed no challenge to IT staff and took only a few hours. The deployment was also rapid with the help of Canton, Ohio-based 3CX Partner 7G Technologies.

3CX quickly took control of the company’s 48 Yealink IP Phones, and 43 3CX softphones. With the 3CX smartphone clients, Superior Dairy’s 60 mobiles were connected up to the Unified Communications system.

Skimming the Cream

Bleigh found that 3CX fulfilled all of Superior Dairy’s requirements.

3CX requires very little time to manage, as it automates nearly all administration, so IT staff were freed up for productive tasking. The easy-to-use web console enabled them to control the system with a few clicks.

Communication among staff became rapid and simple, as they can see presence, call, chat, message and participate in audio and video conferences, using 3CX’s softphones and smartphone clients. Each staff member can be reached on their office extension wherever they are.

It has become simpler to get in touch with the staff. We don’t have to know where people are in order to get in touch with them. We don’t have to know if they are at their desk, at a machine, or if I should just call their cell phone. Now we have a single point of contact for the caller,” Bleigh explained.

Superior Dairy’s pool of drivers are now able to call into a single number, and 3CX’s advanced call management ensures that the calls reach the right worker. This has enabled the company to provide rapid response to customer issues.

“3CX has aligned perfectly to our business needs,” Bleigh concluded.


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