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Voltex Ditches Legacy System, Achieves Telephony Transformation with 3CX

Voltex, a direct subsidiary of Bidvest Limited, is one of the leading stockers and resellers of a comprehensive range of electrical and lighting products in South Africa. The Briardene-based organization has achieved immense success and seen rapid growth in recent years, putting undue strain on the organization’s legacy phone system.

voltex chooses 3cx PBX case study

With 115 employees responsible for distributing vital building supplies and services throughout the bustling South Africa, the organization suddenly found that its Nortel IPLDK 300 phone system could no longer support its staff, customers, or the organization’s vision for the future.

Spending roughly 25,000 Rand on an annual basis, in addition to increasingly expensive service and repair costs, it was becoming clear to Nerson Munsamy, the company’s Network Telecommunications Manager, that in order to sustain their success, a change would have to be made.

Nerson Munsamy, Network Telecommunications Manager, Voltex:

“Expenses with our old phone system were mounting, and with such a limited number of features, it was clear that the diminishing return on our investment demanded that we make a swift change to a PBX that is more in line with our current needs and future goals. This made the decision to move to 3CX a simple one.”

Seamless installation, instantaneous deployment

When you’re a major electrical supplier, major construction jobs can start or stop depending on your ability to provide quality and efficient care—another reason why Munsamy selected 3CX. The installation of Voltex’s new 3CX phone system took just several hours, during which time the organization incurred no downtime.

Deployment was just as easy, as 3CX was intuitively designed to integrate with the most popular operating systems, and was designed with intuitive user experience, meaning that Voltex personnel required no additional time to get acquainted with the 3CX system.

Voltex operations take a giant leap forward

Upon successful deployment by 3CX Partner 3C Technology, Voltex was able to rapidly restructure its operations to increase productivity, efficiency, and take greater control over costs. In addition to achieving cost savings, Voltex has been able to connect its remote branches with one easy-to-manage system. This has allowed the organization to increase collaboration, improve customer service, expedite shipping and bolster its bottom line.

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