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3CX Partner, Cyberadmin IT Consultants, Completes Installation for Rift Valley Services

Rift Valley Services, headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, is a diversified holding company with interest in agriculture and energy across East and South Africa. With 10,000 employees in locations throughout the region, Rift Valley has put considerable time and resources into its Trixbox phone system in order to ensure quality communications.

But with the successful organization growing throughout the continent, the Trixbox system was no longer compatible with Rift Valley’s long-term business plans. The system didn’t handle mobile devices well and had no conferencing facilities. Combined with costs of $4,000 per year and high maintenance requirements, it became clear to James Egremont-Lee, the organization’s Network Telecommunications Manager, a change needed to be made.

rift valley chooses 3CX

After conducting a month long trial of updated versions of Trixbox, an offering from a local telecom provider and 3CX, Egremont-Lee found that 3CX was by far the best choice.

James Egremont-Lee, Network Telecommunications Manager, Rift Valley Services:

“We selected 3CX because the system was deemed simpler to use and had better features, without having to install add-ons to achieve the same level of functionality. We can now benefit from greater conferencing capabilities, and our employees are delighted to have greater mobility.”

Seamless installation keeps business moving

As a sprawling organization with thousands of employees conducting large financial transactions throughout Africa, it was imperative that the transition to 3CX created no downtime that would be critical to business operations. Fortunately, 3CX has a global network of highly-trained partners ready to assist with 3CX installations at any time.

In this case, it was partner Cyberadmin IT Consultants that rose to the occasion. Thanks to their stellar support, Rift Valley’s installation took only a few short hours, during which no downtime was incurred. And because 3CX operates on the most popular operating systems today and was designed for superior usability, there was no need to set aside additional time for employee training.

Rift Valley Services sees the benefits of next-generation telephony

Upon successful deployment, 3CX took over management of Rift Valley’s 105 Polycom devices, 30 lines and TelOne VoIP gateway, reducing maintenance demands upon Rift Valley personnel further.

Additionally, Rift Valley Network Telecommunications Manager James Egremont-Lee recognized a number of other benefits right away. On top of measurable cost savings and reduced IT administration, he saw that the organization’s new 3CX Phone System increased staff productivity and mobility as well. And with a system that provides automated reports on call usage, Rift Valley now has greater insight into exactly how their system operates.

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