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3CX Phone System Builds Connections for Construction Supplier City Trade

Belorussian company City Trade is one of the largest providers of wholesale and retail construction materials in Belarus. Founded in 2004, the ambitious company flourished, branching off into transportation, PVC window construction and project works.

Having earned a reputation as a stable and reliable business, City Trade continues to expand, teaming up with complementary partner organizations as it moved ahead. As a result, City Trade extended its reach outside the walls of Belarus, opening offices and warehouses in remote locations. As expansion continued, City Trade’s director, Gruk Dmitriy Aleksandrovich, noticed the company’s existing phone system no longer met the business’s increasing demands. To remain a leading player in the construction industry, the company would need to deploy a more reliable means of communication, hence the choice to move towards 3CX Phone System.

City trade replace their Panasonic PBX for the unified communications features of 3CX

City Trade Builds a Better Communication System With 3CX

Dmitriy knew City Trade’s current Panasonic phone system wasn’t providing the service the company needed for continued expansion and success, so he began his search for a more dependable and cost-effective option—one with a simple installation process and easy ongoing maintenance. It didn’t take long to discover that the best choice for City Trade was 3CX Phone System. Dmitriy’s research indicated that 3CX encompassed the most efficient in system deployment, support costs, software and hardware infrastructure requirements as well as unified communications features.

Dmitriy’s assumptions were proven correct during the easy installation process. With its inbuilt template for easy configuration of VoIP providers, 3CX Phone System’s implementation has no complex settings to configure. By simply plugging in an IP phone or gateway to its network, City Trade was connected. Now the company can easily grow its phone system as its business grows, which is a big advantage for a company like City Trade that’s always ready to expand.

3CX Connects Workers Everywhere

One of the primary concerns for Dmitriy Gruk was being able to maintain communication with City Trade’s numerous remote workers. With the 3CX Phone System’s unified communication (UC) features, such as text chat, Presence and WebMeeting, he says that’s no longer an obstacle.

Gruk Dmitriy Aleksandrovich, Director:
“For us it was very important to be able to be connected with our remote offices and warehouses. Thanks to 3CX, it became possible! Now our company operates as a unified mechanism!”

The company can now support faster information sharing and, as a result, workers are more productive and efficient.

Dmitriy Gruk was also pleased to discover how much money the IP-enabled 3CX IP Phone System is saving City Trade, now that his employees can easily communicate through a bridge, where two separate software-based phone systems are connected together, enabling them to make calls between offices for free simply by utilizing the existing Internet connection.

Now, instead of missing out on important information, employees are connected whether they’re working in the main office or remotely, enabling City Trade to foster a stronger, more effective workforce.

The deployment of 3CX at City Trade was made by 3CX Silver Partner Call Expert.

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