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3CX packages Unified Communications for Panache International

Dubai-UAE-based Panache International is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of disposable range of plastic, paper, aluminum and bamboo packaging products. The company’s wide range of products is popular in the local UAE market as well as in in the international market under brand names ‘Raha’ and ‘Anaasa.’ With offices in London and Kenya, Panache International currently exports to over 20 countries in GCC, Africa, Europe and Australia.

Operating since 2005, with over 200 employees, Panache International has grown at a remarkable pace in a short time, more than doubling its production capacity in order to keep up with the high market demand.

Communications traffic was increasing at a rapid rate, to keep pace with growth. But the company’s legacy Yeastar PBX couldn’t handle the pace, nor could it fulfill other demands: The company also needed to cut communications costs, bridge remote offices and support mobility.

Panache International CEO Vishaal S. Shah looked at several systems, but he chose 3CX’s Unified Communications Solution:

3CX brings the world closer together with one click; we can remain at our customers’ service 24/7,” Shah commented.

Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology.Fast and Easy PBX Installation

Installing 3CX was sewn up quickly, as 3CX, a software-based system, runs on mainstream operating systems, so that that the installation and management is simple, and IT staff aren’t required to undergo any specialized training.

Deployment was also a quick package, thanks to 3CX’s Dubai-based Partner.

“3CX Partner Aptus Telecom FZC, have done a great job,” Shah said.

3CX provisioned Panache International’s 63 IP Phones in minutes, and took over its 5 lines and Yeastar VoIP gateway rapidly. The entire deployment took place in a matter of hours.

A Packet of Benefits

3CX bridged the company’s remote offices, so that interoffice communications became free. Calls to international destinations were sharply reduced in cost. All in all, Panache International’s phone costs were slashed.

Using Internet Telephony and conferencing, connections with important stakeholders became free as well:

“The biggest benefit has been that 3CX has allowed us to connect our major suppliers and major customers across different continents. It is seamless and it is working every day and call quality is excellent,” Shah explained.

Workers are now totally mobile: Office calls will reach them wherever they go, because 3CX provides each with a number that forwards to softphone and smartphone clients on their laptops, tablets and mobile phones. They can connect up to anyone with chat, messaging and audio and video conferencing thanks to 3CX’s powerful WebRTC-based platform, which makes calls and video meetings possible from any Chrome or Firefox browser.

“In the future, WebRTC links will be enabled and placed on our website,” Shah said, “and these links will enable calls and video meetings with a click.”

“3CX has enabled us to attain all our goals,” Shah concluded.

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