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METO FENIX Marks Down Its Annual Telephony Costs By 30% with 3CX Phone System

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Meto Fenix Selects 3CX Phone SystemThroughout Austria, the METO FENIX brand stands for competent, reliable and flexible customer service and the best value for money. METO FENIX Handels GmbH provides retail establishments of every stripe with customized security and labeling solutions. The company offers retailers innovative and efficient sales promotion solutions for product pricing, showroom advertising, shelf management, shopping convenience and smart and secured merchandising, including barcode systems, labeling and electromagnetic and radio frequency (RF) article surveillance. METO FENIX quality solutions are durable, flexible and easy to use – they are designed to meet the needs of fast-paced retail environments by optimizing customer contact on the sales floor.

Putting an Outdated PBX Back on the Shelf

METO FENIX replace outdated hardware PBX with 3CX Phone SystemEven though METO FENIX provides Austrian retailers with cutting-edge technology solutions, it was tied down by an outdated, restrictive hardware PBX. The company was using a Siemens Hicom PBX, which it found inflexible: it was out of date, its technical options were limited, and Siemens wasn’t delivering updates and new features. A growing SME with multiple offices and a mobile staff, METO FENIX decided to shop around for a better telecommunications solution. The company wanted a Windows-based VoIP PBX that would deliver enterprise mobility and Unified Communications to its 26-member team. The PBX had to be easy to install, showroom-ready and capable of managing an average of 6,500 calls per month.

METO FENIX selected 3CX Phone System, the most competent, reliable and flexible VoIP PBX on the market. CEO Ilija Medic describes 3CX Phone System as an “easy and flexible Microsoft-based solution that integrates perfectly into our existing infrastructure and totally fits our needs.” He also decided 3CX Phone System was the best long-term solution for METO FENIX because it’s feature-rich, and because 3CX releases an updated version of 3CX Phone System every year. Mr. Medic was also pleased with the system’s transparent pricing.

Unwrapping a Cutting Edge PBX

METO FENIX invited Viennese IT company headON, a B2B telephony solutions specialist, to install and deploy 3CX Phone System. The installation and configuration was completed quickly and without disturbing day-to-day operations at METO FENIX, and 3CX Phone System was immediately stable. METO FENIX is now using one SIP Trunk line and two ISDN lines in tandem with a Beronet Berofix 2T0 VoIP Gateway and 40 Yealink T28 phones (for 40 extensions).

3CX Phone System now gives the METO FENIX team professional call center features at an affordable price – this includes call pickup, call forwarding, queues, group ringing, hunt groups, presence, auto attendant, inbound and outbound call routing, a softphone option and call logging and reporting. METO FENIX employees can now avail themselves of key call information such as queue status and the number of callers in a queue. When calls are received at METO FENIX, if they aren’t taken immediately, 3CX Phone System places them in a queue and notifies staff members about priority calls and wait times. Customers in a queue can disengage from a call and still retain their position, and if a call can’t be taken and is routed to voicemail, 3CX Phone System sends an email notification to the user’s mailbox.

The team at METO FENIX appreciates its improved professional telephonic presence, as do its customers, many of whom have told METO FENIX how much they appreciate not having to wait in queues, particularly if they are calling from a mobile phone. Thanks to 3CX Phone System, METO FENIX staff members are continuously available to customers and to each other, as there is now a greater level of transparency throughout the organization. In addition to these outstanding features, METO FENIX is also looking forward to the addition of a videoconferencing feature to 3CX Phone System. “We would like to take advantage of it in the future,” Mr. Medic says.

The Perfect Telecommunications Solution – In the Bag

3CX Phone System brings a complete suite of Unified Communications features to METO FENIX. The company’s employees now enjoy conferencing, drag and drop call transfer and instant messaging, and they can see each other’s presence on the PBX, all with a single, user-friendly application. 3CX MyPhone is Web-based and leverages Silverlight to give the METO FENIX staff a rich, “desktop-like” experience, which means everyone at the company can easily manage his or her extension from a netbook or desktop without having to navigate a complicated interface. And speaking of navigation, METO FENIX is now officially a mobile enterprise, thanks to 3CX Phone for 3CX Phone System. The company has teleworkers in six locations, and all of them have been perfectly integrated into the METO FENIX PBX, and employees who meet with customers offsite can take calls on their Android phones as if they were seated at their desks. The results of this integration, according to Mr. Medic, are improved business processes and a 30% reduction of the company’s yearly telephony costs.

Finally, the 3CX Phone System Web-based management console is user-friendly and makes system administration easy – the interface enables the addition of an unlimited number of new extensions, staff relocations, routing rules and voicemail. Mr. Medic finds the configuration and administration of 3CX Phone System “absolutely easy” – “I administer the system myself! When I receive updates, I can install them quickly and easily.” Mr. Medic is also completely satisfied with the service and support provided by headOn, and he’s delighted that he doesn’t have to pay any maintenance costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Does the team at METO FENIX feel like they have the best VoIP PBX in the bag?

“3CX Phone System leaves nothing to be desired – its range of features is excellent and technically up to date,” says Mr. Medic. “It’s a highly professional communications solution that is surprisingly easy to use and supports our business processes. The ongoing development of 3CX Phone System and the first class service from headON continue to satisfy us across the board.”

Another satisfied customer.

3CX Partner, Head On

Founded in January 2003 in Vienna, Austria, headOn Communications specializes in Unified Communications and innovative telephone systems for business. The company has installed more than 40,000 VoIP terminals in Austria alone headOn has also supplied security solutions to corporations and institutions. For more information, please visit the headOn website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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