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MWL Systems Switches from a Proprietary PBX to 3CX Phone System

MWL Systems, as an expert and established provider of all aspects of information technology, knew what they were looking for when they wanted to update their old proprietary PBX. With 3CX Phone System, the company have modernised their PBX, cutting costs and making it easy to keep in touch with their customers and colleagues.

Matthew Kingsley-Williams, Director of MWL Systems said:

“We love 3CX because it gives our workforce the ability to always be available to take calls. The management information provided is excellent in terms of presence and reporting. We can interface with the core information in the database and provide lots of useful reports.”

Pricey Proprietary PBX Not Fit for Purpose

MWL Systems had become frustrated with their outdated and costly proprietary Avaya PBX. Firstly, the old system lacked key functionality. It offered no text to speech function, no local database integration, and provided poor reporting data. With expensive annual support and additional charges for each change to the system, the costs with Avaya were stacking up. Even worse, the phone system was unreliable. MWL Systems started to experience dropped calls and routing issues. With the risk of missing important phone calls, it was time to look for a new PBX.

3CX Provides Feature-rich Solution

MWL Systems wanted a Windows-based PBX, which could be virtualized with VMWare and could be easily scaled to meet the needs of the business. Having trialled 3CX Phone System, MWL Systems were extremely impressed by its functionality and handset management. 3CX was a clear winner, meeting all of the company’s requirements.

“Once we started provisioning handsets and setting up IVRs with local database integration we realised just how good the 3CX Phone System is. The additional benefits of the 3CXPhone client for Windows, as well as those for iOS and Android made the system irresistible.” said the Director of MWL Systems.

Productivity & Mobility Reaches New High with 3CX

3CX Phone System has provided an all-round boost to MWL Systems’ communications. MWL Systems can now manage the calls from its outbound contact centre more efficiently. Intelligent routing via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and local database integration has ensured that incoming calls are now routed directly to the correct support team member who is dealing with the inquiry. This IVR feature enables MWL Systems’ customers to select different options from an automated menu by pressing the digits on their phone, offering both an improved customer experience and saving the company valuable time. With these features, MWL Systems is also able to turn routing features on and off remotely, something which the company was unable to do previously.

Not only that, with the 3CXPhone clients for iOS, Android and Windows, MWL System’s engineers can keep in touch when they are out of the office- whether they are working from home or at a customer’s site, or even in a different country. MWL Systems’ engineers can now answer their desk phone on their mobile devices, giving them greater mobility. Using the presence feature MWL Systems’ employees can see whether their colleagues are available, improving communications within the company. 3CX Phone System has also enabled the company to easily connect its two separate offices. As MWL Systems uses a cloud server, it only needed a single PBX, removing the need for bridging.

3CX Phone System has transformed MWL Systems’ communications providing the company with a modern cost-effective PBX. MWL Systems can now communicate easily with its customers and colleagues wherever they may be.

MWL SystemsAbout MWL Systems (
MWL Systems is an expert and established provider of all aspects of information technology including consultancy, network infrastructure, applications and managed services. MWL Systems consultants work with business leaders to develop and deploy innovative technology solutions, based upon industry leading products and best practice. Our IT systems engineering skill base and accreditations include VMware, Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix and our application development expertise includes SQL server, & VB, adding up to one of the most qualified and dependable IT support partners in the region.

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