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Optodev has a Clear Vision with 3CX Phone System

essilorFor more than 30 years, Optodev, a subsidiary of Essilor International, has been a producer of high quality ophthalmic lenses for use in glasses, as well as in optical equipment for the medical sector. The company, which has over 1000 employees, is based in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, and each month produces 1.5 million lenses. 3CX Phone System has enabled the company to modernise its communications, providing Optodev with an easy to manage, feature-rich PBX.

Vision Clouded by Outdated PBX

Optodev was finding that its old Ericsson phone system was no longer able to meet the needs of the company. Optodev was becoming increasingly frustrated with the PBX which was difficult to manage internally- a problem that was compounded by the lack of external technical support in the Philippines. Additionally, the company was spending two million pesos, or nearly $45,000, every year on leasing phone lines- a cost which Optodev was keen to save. It was clear that in order to remain connected, Optodev needed to upgrade its phone system.

Out with the old – In with 3CX

Optodev, which has over 100 Cisco IP phones, was looking for a new system which would improve communications within the company, without requiring the purchase of additional network cabling or hardware. Optodev investigated purchasing either Cisco or Avaya PBX, but found that these phone systems were very expensive and out of date at that. Following a quote from 3CX Partner, Keysys Inc, the company decided to move to 3CX Phone System, which offered better functionality than these two companies, but at 60% of the cost. Optodev was also impressed that 3CX provided key features, such as conferencing, call queuing and a paging system, at no additional cost.

Optodev was very pleased with the smooth transition to 3CX Phone System. Due to the auto provisioning and 3CX’s ‘plug and play’ ability with IP Phones and Gateways, each phone took a minute or less to configure, with the switchover being completed in record time.

Optodev could retain its Cisco 7940/7960 IP phones

As 3CX supports the use of Cisco 7940,7941, 7960 and 7961 phones, the company was able to retain these phones for the time being, making the move to 3CX very cost-effective and the deployment even quicker.

3CX iPhone & Android App Provides Greater Mobility & Productivity

Optodev immediately noticed an improvement in the ease of communication with 3CX Phone System, particularly when its employees are working away from the office. Using 3CXPhone App for Android and iPhone, Optodev’s employees could now make and receive office calls from anywhere in the world via WiFi or 3G, enabling them to keep up-to-date on daily operations.

Optodev has found this feature especially useful for employees travelling abroad, as they are able to make phone calls for free over the internet, enabling the company to achieve savings on its telephone bills. In addition, as the Android and iPhone App integrates seamlessly with 3CX Phone System, Optodev’s employees can still enjoy the features of 3CX Phone System, such as viewing their colleagues’ presence and setting up conference calls. These features have offered Optodev’s employees greater mobility, whilst improving productivity.

3CX: A User friendly PBX

In contrast with their old phone system, Optodev have been extremely pleased with 3CX’s user friendly system. As 3CX Phone System runs on Windows, 3CXPhone integrated seamlessly with Optodev’s existing operating system, enabling it to be managed easily internally as per any other Windows application. The company can now add extensions and remotely configure the phone system without the need for external technical support. For Optodev’s employees, with 3CX’s straightforward interface, it has been easy to master and utilize all the advanced features of the phone system, enabling them to stay better connected with their colleagues and customers.

Alexander Galanido, IT Supervisor Optodev, said about 3CX Phone System:

“We are extremely pleased with 3CX Phone System, which since its installation has performed very well. The phone system is extremely user friendly and we are now able to manage our whole phone system internally without any difficulties, enabling our staff to easily keep in touch.”

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