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Nonprofit’s Communications Back To Health by 3CX

ASSAD-HAD is a French Non-Profit organization focused on homecare services with its goals set in promoting preservation, support and accompaniment of individuals at home or at the current place of residence. Managing a prominent retirement home as well as offering a wide range of services such as home assistance, home nursing & medical care, ASSAD-HAD needs a state-of-the-art communications solution that would be easy to manage and not time-consuming. With a massive network of 960 employees and growing demand for their services nation-wide ASSAD-HAD demanded a PBX system that would ensure effective operations and maximum call continuity guaranteeing that no call would go unanswered.

Old PBX Needs Retirement

As the previous phone system, a combination of Alcatel and Ericsson grew older ASSAD-HAD required a new PBX that would bring the organization’s communications into the new world. They were exceptionally keen on moving away from their traditional PBX in order to move to a more advanced and cost effective VoIP based PBX. Looking at many Asterisk®* and Centrex solutions as well as carefully analysing the market ASSAD-HAD finally decided to move forward with 3CX Phone System. ASSAD-HAD’s IT department was convinced 3CX was the best solution and easily sold the forward-thinking, innovative PBX to the CFO and CEO. The level of quality, versatility, reliability,ease of use and cost effectiveness were all deciding factors for the non-profit. ASSAD-HAD has a total of 140 phones, connected to 120 lines running through a Patton gateway.

3CX brings ASSAD - Had's communications into the 21st Century

Cousteix Lionel, CTO, ASSAD-HAD said:
« 3CX has granted the non-profit organization ASSAD-HAD an easy and fast deployment. The management is centralized in our Headquarters and this allows us to manage remote locations directly through our MPLS. On a daily basis, 3CX offers us advanced features that some competitors usually sell as extra as well as huge flexibility to evolve our telephony in order to meet ASSAD-HAD’s growth. For our IT department, the maintenance and costs of our PBX have reduced dramatically.»

3CX Provides ASSAD-HAD With A New Lease on Life

ASSAD-HAD has literally received a new lease of communications life since moving their PBX over to 3CX. The non-profit organization has achieved a huge cost reduction on PBX management and maintenance cost since the first year of implementation. The IT department is finding it extremely simple to manage the system and can effectively adapt the PBX with considerable ease if needed. The staff is extremely happy with the way 3CX functions and the fact that the IT department can adapt the PBX to accommodate staff needs. ASSAD-HAD is extremely excited to upgrade to 3CX Phone System v14 so that they can begin taking advantage of the web meeting functionality and are also very happy with the Unified Communications features that give employees the ability to be completely mobile at all times.

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